Carolina Panthers 7 Round Mock Draft

The Panthers have surprised everyone (myself included) by being a very good legit playoff contender. But every good team has some glaring needs. The Panthers have many areas where they can improve on. The team needs a good CB, S, WR, OL and maybe even a DE. They hope to hit all those areas in the draft that is loaded with good prospects.

1st Round. Antonio Richardson, OT, Tennessee

Last year Gettlemen said he wanted some "hog mollies" well he'll get another one here. A 6'6 332lb. linemen from Tennessee. Nicknamed "Tiny," Richardson is a combination of size, agility, patience and power. Shocking athleticism for his size. Richardson shows surprising quickness and balance off the snap in pass protection, sliding quickly left to properly protect the blind side. For me anyone but Byron Bell.

2nd Round. Allen Robinson, WR, Penn State

Gotta give Cam someone else to throw to and we get a very good wide out here. Robinson stands at 6'3 205lbs. He is an outstanding combination of height, explosive leaping ability and hand-eye coordination to pluck the ball over defenders. Rare body control. He would be an amazing 2nd option to Smitty.

3rd Round. Aaron Colvin, CB, Oklahoma

Our team definitely needs as much secondary help as possible. Colvin will help in covering the very good receivers in the NFC South. Standing at 6'0 and 192lbs. Colvin is a physical corner with a tough-minded approach against the run and in coverage. Although he physical play does get him into many pass interference penalties.

4th Round. Anthony Steen, OG, Alabama

The Nate Chandler experiment isn't going well at all. Our O-line is exposed against decent defensive teams. We need guard help. Steen is 6'2 310lbs. he has good quickness which allows him to seal off defenders and he has the strength to catch and control.

5th Round. Josh Huff, WR, Oregon

Smitty won't be here forever and LaFell is decent. Huff could be a very good receiver in the slot and can make big plays downfield. His physicality and toughness, make him a difficult matchup for cornerbacks. Huff uses his body well to shield defenders from the ball and he is a strong runner after the catch, demonstrating the balance and leg-drive to spin and run through arm tackles. Huff is not a future No. 1 target in the NFL, but his size and strength should make him an effective complementary wide out capable of contributing early in his pro career.

6th Round. Cassius Marsh, DE, UCLA

Depth is needed to keep CJ and Hardy fresh. Addison did very well against Miami but with Hardy being a free agent we could definitely use some depth. Marsh is 6'4 and 265lbs. He displays a quick get off and pursuit speed for the position. Provides versatility with experience playing every position on the D-line.

7th Round. Colt Lyerla, TE, Oregon

Another target for Cam, Lyerla may not last until the 7th Round (maybe 6th) but if he does Carolina should be all over him. Gettlemen may stay away from Lyerla because he was arrested for cocaine use. But he is physical marvel with excellent athleticism, good hand-eye coordination and toughness after the catch. Possesses impressive straight-line speed, as well as the agility and balance to operate in space.

That's it everyone. This was my first post on this site. I love hearing what everyone has to stay and to hear your opinions. Thanks for reading!

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