Panthers vs. Dolphins: Key GIFs by Quarter

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

I picked one key GIF per quarter from the Panthers 20-16 victory over the Dolphins to share with you Panther fans. Take a look at my selections.

GIF #1

9:29 in 1st qtr - Ted Ginn toasts his former team by hitting a seam for 41 yards to set up the Panthers 1st FG.



I love Robert Lester's hustle on this play. Though Ginn doesn't go all the way it's that kind of hustle that will eventually spring him before this season is finished.

GIF #2

:08 in the 2nd qtr - Newton bobbles the snap, avoids the LB blitz and shot puts the ball to LaFell who streaks down the sideline for 29 yds and wisely steps OOB with 2 seconds left.



The blocking gave Newton just enough time in spite of the bobbled snap. LaFell would say after the game this was the key play of the game from the offense's standpoint. It gave them confidence going into the locker room and was a key reason they came out and scored on their first drive in the 3rd quarter.

GIF #3:

12:09 in the 3rd qtr; 4th and 1 from his own 41 yd line Newton runs for 8 yds through a huge hole created over LG as Jordan Gross destroys Jared Odrick



Notice the unbalanced line. RT Byron Bell is actually lined up between LG Travelle Wharton and LT Jordan Gross while only RG Nate Chandler and TE Greg Olsen are to the right of C Kalil. The Dolphins completely failed to react to the imbalance making this an easy pick up. The blocking is so good Byron Bell doesn't actually have to block anyone (a good thing right?)

GIF #4

This is the play we have all talked about and it was so good here is one last look.

2:33 in the 4th qtr; 4th and 10 from their own 20, Newton from the gun hits WR Steve Smith on a dig route for 19 yards and a 1st down



The Dolphins only rushed four and dropped 7 into coverage but for some reason SS Chris Clemmons gave Smith a ton of cushion. The word is after the play Smith turned to Clemmons and said 'Ice up Son!'

Bonus GIF: 'A Refrigerator Named Desire'

1:29 in the 4th qtr - 3rd and 2 at the Miami 21 yd line Tolbert rumbles off the left side for 15 yards as he runs through several Dolphins.



Another example of perfect execution at the point of attack from the offensive line. From there Tolbert will not be denied as he runs through and over a couple Dolphins to get inside the 10 yard line. You just knew the Panthers were not settling for a FG here and instead would punch it in for the win. On the next play Tolbert took it to the 1 yard line setting up the winning TD pass to Olsen.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

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