Sir Pour's Brew for the Game: Panthers vs. Dolphins

Eis up, son.

Last Monday night's game was the best of the season, a battle won against one of the league's strongest teams that left three words echoing in the minds of Panthers fans: "Ice up, son."

That was the advice Steve Smith gave Aqib Talib, who did not finish the game due to a hip injury. The quote instantly took its place among other classic Smith quotes, such as "89, bottom line" and "just another notch in the bedpost." Bojangles' even had a great tweet about it.

As great as their sweet tea is, I'm here to talk beer. When you think of ice and beer, however, your mind immediately goes to the countless "ice" versions of so many mass market lagers. Those would be a decidedly bad choice, so I've gone a different direction this week.

Aventinus Weizen-Eisbock - G. Schneider & Sohn

The Brewery

The G. Schneider and Sohn, which was founded in 1872 after the Schneiders acquired the Weisses Brauhaus, is one of Germany's oldest and most respected breweries. If you enjoy German styles, you owe it to yourself to try their diverse selection of wheat-based beers.

The Brew

You think you know what "wheat beer" is, right? Most assume a wheat beer is a light-bodied, refreshingly tart beer best enjoyed during the warmer months, and usually that's pretty accurate. Schneider has several beers that fit that bill, but Aventinus isn't one of them. Aventinus is actually the name given to their weizenbock, or wheat doppelbock. It's rare enough that a brewer uses wheat in that style, but Schneider takes it to another level by freeze distilling this beer, which brings it to 12 percent ABV. With freeze distillation, a portion of the beer is frozen and then removed. The resulting beer has less water and more alcohol than it did prior to distillation, since alcohol freezes at a lower temperature than water.

This freeze-distilled weizenbok is a big, boozy beer that is ideally sipped not during the summer, but on the coldest of days or nights. It has sweet malty flavors in abundance, with notes of figs, plums and dark bread.

How it relates to the game

Like Smith, this bottle is smaller than most. But the liquid in that 11-ounce package is a whopping 12-percent in alcohol, and much stronger than it looks. After victories against two great teams in the 49ers and Patriots, it's easy to think that the Panthers will continue their winning ways with an easy win over the Dolphins. The Panthers have never beat the Dolphins in the regular season, however, and despite all of the Incognito drama they are still a team to contend with as they look to improve to 6-5.

At the end of the day, though, I have to think the Panthers will take care of business. The only question is what choice words Steve Smith will have for Miami's corners.

Price Point / Availability

Aventinus Weizen-Eisbock is sold in individual 11-ounce bottles for around $4.99 each. It's a bit pricey, but certainly a classic that everyone should have at least once. You can find it at most craft beer stores.

Looking to drink craft beer at the game? Here's a list of craft beers in Bank of America Stadium.

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