Carolina Panthers vs. New England Patriots: Sir Pour's Brew for the Game

The Panthers are back in black, and you should be, too.

The Carolina Panthers are aiming for a blackout in Bank of America Stadium when they take on the Patriots under the lights this Monday, with all of the nation watching. They want their fans to be their secret weapon, so they are urging all in attendance to don their black gear. And it won't just be black in the stands -- the Panthers will be wearing their all-black uniforms, which were voted the "Greatest Uniform in NFL History" this past summer.

Given this, there are plenty of black beers to drink while watching the game, and many that have the very word "black" in their names (see Ommegang's Game of Thrones Take the Black Stout, Bear Republic's Black Bear Stout, and so many others). But when I saw the Panthers heavily promoting the #backinblack hashtag, I knew this week's Sir Pour an easy choice.

Whatever you drink tonight, though, do me a favor -- make it black.

Back in Black - 21st Amendment

The Brewery

Named for the amendment that repealed Prohibition, 21st Amendment opened its San Francisco brewery in 2000. They offer a variety of beers, including year-round offerings like Brew Free! or Die IPA and Bitter American.

The Brew

21st Amendment's Back in Black is just one example of the black IPA style that has become so popular in recent years. Though the name is sort of a contradiction in terms (after all, how could an India paleale be black?), it does give you an idea of what to expect: an IPA that is brewed with darker malts to give the beer a little roastiness and a dark color, with the usual hoppiness and citrus flavors still clearly there.

How it relates to the game

The Carolina Panthers left San Francisco with a win and a beer, it seems. Back in Black is a year-round beer for 21st Amendment. It leaves a lingering bitterness, not unlike the Super Bowl loss that still haunts Panthers fans. Truth be told, I almost didn't choose this beer because of the patriot on the can. Sure, the name is well-suited to Monday's game, but having Paul Revere on the outside of the can seems as contradictory as the black IPA style itself.

I like to think of the Patriot on that black can not as Paul Revere, but as Tom Brady and company trying to find their way out of a pitch-black stadium Monday night. The British aren't coming, but the Panthers are.

Price Point / Availability

Back in Black is one of 21st Amendment's three year-round beers, so you should be able to find it at most beer stores (and some grocery stores). It usually retails for $9.99 a six-pack.

Looking to drink craft beer at the game? Here's a list of craft beers in Bank of America Stadium.

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