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Hey Guys!

All you Panthers fans out there- I just found out about SB Nation & Cat Scratch Reader. Just getting my feet wet.

I've been a Panthers fan ever since before 1995 when they played their first season. I've followed them through the good, the great, and the bad. All 18 or so seasons.

I recently started a sports blog on my website- -and the direct link to my Panthers blog is- I'd love to have some (or all) of y'all to come over & check it out.

Here is a brief excerpt from one of my recent Panthers blogs- "This Bird Don't Fly"

Carolina Panthers VS Atlanta Falcons- ( Sunday, Nov 3rd )

Now I'm not superstitious. I hardly ever glance at a horoscope, and only read Chinese fortunes for fun- but the 8-yard line has been both a good and bad omen for the Panthers. In week one, at home against the Seattle Seahawks, the Panthers dominated most of the game, while still holding a very slim lead. Then, while on his way to the end zone for a go-ahead score, DeAngelo Williams fumbled away the ball -- and the game -- late in the fourth quarter on the Seattle 8-yard line.

If LaFell had lost this fumble, it too could've spelled defeat for the Panthers. Even though the Falcons would've been pinned inside their own 10-yard line, they would have had the ball. And perhaps more importantly, they would have denied the Panthers an incredible opportunity to put the game away. It would've been a completely different ball game. But alas, this time the Panthers did NOT lose the ball, and Cam Newton ran it in on the next play for a touchdown and a 24-10 lead. And to top it off, two plays and 30 seconds later, Carolina cornerback Drayton Florence shocked everyone by intercepting a Matt Ryan pass and running it into the end zone for a "pick six" and a 21-point lead. A field goal was added minutes later for additional icing on the cake.

Now- the Panthers are in high gear, winning their last four games in a row. However, their next opponent on Sunday, the San Francisco 49'ers, have won five games in a row, and are also playing extremely well. This undoubtedly is the biggest game in recent Panthers history. Their last "big game" -in the 2008 NFL playoffs- ended in disappointment, losing to the Arizona Cardinals at home, 33-13, as their former QB Jake Delhomme had six turnovers. Let's hope this time, the Panthers can play their best game. Keep your fingers crossed. They will need it against the 49'ers.

Y'all keep in touch-

Thanks a lot- Bob

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