Panthers Take Expected Drop in SBN Power Rankings

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

After another hair-pulling, painful loss the Panthers find themselves 1-3 and ranked #26 in the SBN Power Rankings. My only consolation is knowing the Falcons are 1-3 also.

I was very encouraged by the play of both the offense and the defense in the first half. Yet I knew having to settle for two FGs was going to come back and bite the Panthers on the ass. Unlike the first two losses though I find more fault with the players for this one. The Panthers should have at least been leading 13-3 at the half if not 17-3. Forgive me if I'm reviving a dead horse, this is really my first post on this loss since the game ended. I'm finding I need a good day to clear my head before writing. This team is driving me crazy. I'm going to have to lower the bar even further if I'm going to keep my sanity for another 12 games.

The bar is now down to 26, have we bottomed out yet?

NFL power rankings, Week 6: Colts, Chiefs on the move -

26. Carolina Panthers

I hope Ron Rivera went to the beach, painted quaint watercolor pictures and otherwise enjoyed the bye week. He's not going to get another break again until he gets fired. And he's going to get fired. He did manage to go for it on fourth-and-one last week, only to see Brandon LaFell drop Cam Newton's pass.

When you can't win for losing is when you know it's bad. I applauded the 4th and 1 decision and would like to think 9 times out of 10 LaFell makes that catch. In a microcosm of our season, what can go bad will most likely.

So can we turn it around Panther fans? Of course they can! There is always that possibility and this team has gone on late season runs the past two seasons. Here's a thought, let's go ahead and declare the Panthers mathematically eliminated from the play offs so they can relax and go ahead and start their run. I realize technically they are not eliminated but come on, we're splitting hairs in the grand cosmic scheme.

So what has to change?, honestly not much. Certainly the offensive line needs to get better but the play calling is doing them no favors either. How about we get Ted Ginn a few more touches for starters.

The pass rush needs to get it back in gear. Are we going to bring the heat or not?

Finally, the pass catchers need some extra work on the jugs machine this week. Ricky P needs to be kicking some ass this week.

If I had to sum it up that would be it. What are your thoughts on the ranking or turning it around in general?

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