Cam Newton won't be a Panther in 2016

What the Carolina Panthers have done as a organization is unprecedented....

You draft a quarterback number one in the draft yet don't make major investments in ensuring his success as a passer.

  • This is almost ALWAYS a disaster.
  • Hurts the confidence of the QB
  • Not building around the QB
  • Not putting things around that QB to allow them to take a "Leap" in play.

Now with a 34 year old wide receiver and a bunch of other guys who would not make most NFL rosters it is all on Cam Newton. This is literally the formula to ensure your QB fails.... Some teams have NEVER in there history drafted number 1... some teams have never in their history drafted a QB in the top 10 (much less number 1 overall).... There is a likely hood that drafting number 1 overall at QB will never happen again in your life time... So when you get the chance to draft a QB...AND make that type of investment. You PUT THINGS AROUND that investment to ensure they succeed. ... or instead you could do what the Carolina Panthers have done.

Sane fans don't think that the fans who say "replace Cam" care. And don't think for a second NFL that there aren't NFL "thinkers" that think "you are insane for replacing Cam without building around him" the same time "replace cam".

Newton won't be in Carolina for long

Panthers are going to hire a coach that does to Cam what happen in Tampa. And this Carolina organization will fall off the Map...... right around the time that they are talking about teams in London and LA .... hmm. (Newton's contract is up after next season).... If I am Cam Newton I watch what this team does from this point till next season... if there are zero investments to ensure his success ....If i was him you have to consider going to a team via FA that "gets it"... Newton as a Houston a Bengal... The door is opening to that possibility.

So while Newton is flawed... those flaws stick out with bad coaching play makers that impact the red zone.... or 3rd downs.... Yet it is all Newtons fault.

Side Note >> Alshon Jeffery who Panthers passed on for Amini Silatolu... Jeffery is off to a pro bowl start.. 3 straight 100 yard games (last game 210 yard 2 touchdowns IN THE RED ZONE).... Weapons matter... or Reuban Randle who is starting to get more playing time and also turned in 100 yard 2 TD game .... Or Keenan Allen who looks like a Stud....... one or 2 of those guys net you at least 5 or 6 of these close games lost over the last year... maybe even vs the Cardinals yesterday...

Major point I see is a team with zero offensive vision... putting nothing around its most major investment. A investment many considered a big risk. So why make such a investment and then fail to do things to ensure his success.

I said this 2 years ago... if the Panthers went 5 and 11 but Newton was going playing really really well and all the fingers could be pointed in other places it would be fine because you would feel the future is bright ...and it would please the less hardcore fan.... but if they left Newton with no line and marginal play makers and they come up short there will be hell to pay.... >>> like restarting all over in their rebuild and getting ride of Cam Newton. When truth be told if you had a organization that put things around him and put him in positions to succeed things would be different.

Sure is nice having a good DL or fix holes here and there and ignore the things needed to ensure your major investments success ........and yet preparing to overhaul the organization right?

I knew that as soon as Newton struggled the voices of the "replace Cam Newton" would be loud.... and even the most intelligent fan would soon begin to "nod" in agreement. There is a history to this that keeps repeating in the NFL.... Hello Aaron Murry the new starting QB of the 4 and 12 Carolina Panthers ... as Cam Newton is in the AFCCG as the starting QB of the Bengals.

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