Saving Face

Alrighty boys and girls, so optimism is on almost a 2010 low for our beloved Panthers. Our crowned prince (Cam Newton) looks like he may never possibly be the king we once thought he was, and our same old predicaments keep showing up (WR depth, lack of a #1 WR, lack of a true starting LT, RT, LG, or RG, a young and inexperinced secondary that needs help, and a terrible coaching staff and ownership.) Being a life-long Panthers fan since the glory days of Kerry Collins and the resurgance of the Panthers with John Fox and Jake Delhomme it kills me to see my franchise in ruins like this! I know I'm gonna get hate for this, but that's fine by me. As tempting as it is to use them as trade bait we keep Cam and the defensive front 7. I say we also keep Ginn, Barner, Lester, White, Norman, Kugbila and Olsen. Then we either trade or release everyone else. I'm not saying this has to be mid-season, but the trades that do need to happen are as follows:

Jonathan Stewart to whoever will take him for a mid-late rounder

Charles Godfrey to whoever will take him for a mid-late-rounder

Steve Smith, Jordan Gross, and DeAngelo Williams to the Raiders for a 1st rounder (I know this is the first time DWill has been relevant in like 5 years but there is no way he will be productive beyond two more years...we have to build around Cam and not have a flawed system and expect him to win, I hate giving up Smitty too but it needs to happen...those 2 drops in AZ were unacceptable and he hasn't shown really anything this year.)

With those trades we will have position in the draft, plus cap-space. As soon as the offseason starts:

Day 1: Fire everyone on the coaching staff.

Day 2: Hire: HC David Shaw from Stanford, OC Greg Roman, and DC Lovie Smith

Free Agency: HB Ben Tate, WR James Jones, DE Greg Hardy, CB Brandon Browner(if not re-signed by Seahawks), Jarius Byrd(If not re-signed by the Bills)


Round 1 Pick #3 (From Raiders)- Sammy Watkins WR Clemson

Round 1 Pick #5- Jake Matthews OT Texas A&M

Round 2 Pick #37- Colt Lyerla TE Oregon

Round 3- David Yankey G/OT Stanford

Round 4-Jarvis Landry WR LSU

Round 5- Morgan Moses OT Virgina

Round 5- Andrew Norwell G/OT Ohio State

Round 6-Ciante Evans CB Nebraska

Round 6-Michael Campanaro WR Wake Forest

Round 7-J.C. Copeland FB LSU

There you have it, note that the 2014 Panthers in this situation would probably still go 9-7 or so but we would at least have an offesnsive identity, a good coaching staff, a good coaching scheme, and a team that in a year would make a killer play-off run and superbowl contender.

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