CSR2: NS....

Right then me ol' muckers. Oi2 must be busy or something so i'll do a quick write up.

Firstly some good news for you all. My flights are booked. I'll be at BoA next season one way or another.... but mostly cuz BW/Oi2 and BBA have upset me about my mother for the last time. The only possible solution is that I come to USA USA USA! and drink you all under the table. You will hate yourselves after such humiliation but its for your own good: Tough Love. This week saw the expected return to victorious ways for Jim Skipper, without the aid of a QB... cuz I am that damn good. Now that the obvious is out of the way lets see how the rest of you fared shall we?


Jim Skipper utterly DESTROYED Joe Buck Yourself 123.72 vs 77.02. capped by some terrific WR performances as I had the 1st, 2nd and 4th highest scoring WRs this week.

OhMyGodI'veCamTooSoonAgain LOST to Queen City Cats 92.00 vs 116.20. Tony put up big points in the RB and QB department to emasculate Oi2

Keuchly is Beastly (seriously what a rubbish name) FLIPPED THE BIRD at the hapless Sippin' on Ginn and Juice 120.92 vs 91.36. The pathetic Ginn and Juice may be the only winless team in the whole of CSR at this point. Andrew Luck and Frank Gore leading the way for KiB.

Goodell Can't Win SOMEHOW LOST to release the Kraken (a truly shameful feat) 66.46 vs 83.00. Mike you got Lucky here as you only would have beaten two other teams this week. Doubling up in Green bay players sure helped but this was a poor game in truth.

Thor's Hammer TOOK TOP SPOT with a win over suddenly slipping Gross Miscalculation 11.32 vs 96.44. Only one team has been able to stop the hammer this year.... wanna guess who :)? That must frustrate you ALAC. Monster games from Manning and Forte were not enough to beat consistency from ALAC.

Finally Monster Energy ANNIHILATED Wile E's Coyotes with a score of 100.28 vs 69.78. easily OldhamA's worst performance and it did not go unpunished. Matt Stafford continues his hot fantasy streak scored nearly half the oppositions points on his own.

And now:-

The Goodell Can’t lose/sippin’ on Ginn and Juice Award

So here we are….. Again. Which one of the aforementioned failures will be the worst this week? Let’s face it, apart from a few anomalies its always one of them. Despite a truly great effort from Phil’s Peerless Team it was Goodell can’t lose who once again came out worst. How did you assemble such a truly terrible team? I’m genuinely curious because I’m coming up with nothing. Let’s take a look at why you were so bad… AGAIN.

Dear lord… 5 of your team scored 5.00 points or less. WTF is that. To add context, my WR’s scored over 75.00 points between them. CJ Spiller continues to be a fantasy dud this year, injuries haven’t helped but he’s only reached double figures twice this campaign…. Essh that’s bad. Phahahah and you left Roy Helu Jr on the bench?! Absolute nightmare for you there, yahoo informs me that he outscored his projection by a mere 424.4%! just think, if you’d have played him you would have won. Hope that helps. That was your third straight loss in case you didn’t know.

Hey OT but did anyone notice that I had the biggest blowout this week. My Qb scores negative points and I still get the biggest blowout? Yahoo’s headline you ask? Jim Skipper beats the pants off Joe Buck yourself. I don’t know if that says more about my awesomeness or your failures. Eh who cares, congrats to me. Sometimes it’s too easy did you say oi2? Looks like Tony didn’t get the memo.

Right that's all, bask in my brilliance.

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