CSR2 NSFCongress (Cause we never take a BYE)

I know it was scary. I know I let you down. I will do my best never to let if happen again. Your Commissioner will make everything all better by continuing his run thru you butter dicks and regain his #1 standing.

I.Pead the bed (formally the Crazy 88's) have had a season very similar to the Panthers. They should have won, but they let games slip thru their fingers. But when a player took a hit, the rest of the team stepped up and won the day, taking down another winless team and setting the stage for a playoff run.

I.Pead The Bed DOMINATED this week with the most points scored against Joe Buck Yourself 137.9 to 116.34

Monster Energy belted Kuechly is Beastly 136.58 to 117.90

Goodell Can't Lose swung his ginger tuffted dick in the face of Sippin' Ginn N Juice 101.52 to 98.18

Thor's Hammer nailed Release the Kraken 106.14 to 99.48

Gross Miscalculation was quite visible against Jim Skipper 113.28 to 91.42

Finally, Adrian Peterson and Wile E's Coyotes made that pussy his bitch against Queen City Katz 117.76 to 59.08

And now a word from last years news:

Pathetic Effort

Well… I honestly thought it would be me…. Nah just kidding, it was never going to be me- Drew Brees bitches. This week’s pathetic effort goes to the Queen city Cats with a tragic 59.08. Pretty fucking bad, but not bad enough to take the crown of most pathetic effort of the season- that’s still you Dipen. Let’s dig deep into this mound of misery and expose just how somebody scores less than 60 points. Its seems like RGIII only scores great fantasy points when he’s playing from behind 'cuz he failed to meet his projection by some distance. It all went downhill from there really with 7 of your team scoring less than 5 points, Jesus I thought my team did bad this week. Thanks Tony, no seriously I really appreciate it, I was feeling a little low after more poor result this week, but you pitiful excuse of a showing really put a smile back on my face. That and I’m in the biggest piss poor excuse of a division known to man. I feel I should congratulate Oi for finally registering a win. Well done for taking my trash and making something with it, you know if you win it’s all because of me right??

Sorry going off track. Only final point on Tony’s ludicrously woeful showing…. Why would you not start the Kansas City Chiefs defence against the New York Giants???!! Surely you saw how ridiculously terrible they are!? WE shut them out. Mental. Finally spare a thought for poor stroking the kitty who keeps coming so close yet always failing and remaining winless… Spare that thought- but make sure it’s a sadistic thought that finds losing by narrow margins hilarious and absolutely comical.

See you next week for more delightful criticism. Also GO FUCK YOURSELF BBA.

Warm regards,


Jesus, he can string a lot of words together while saying nothing at all.

Alright sucktards, the Panthers are back and so is the shit talking.


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