Rams vs. Panthers: CSR Pre-Game Meet Up Open Thread

So yours truly is going to his first game of the 2013 season this Sunday so I thought I might show up early for a CSR meet up. If you are going to the game or just tailgating stop by and chat with us.

It's always nice to put a face with a name. Plus we are all die hard fans who will be psyched up to talk and watch Panther football.

I'm actually super psyched since my tickets were given to me from a friend, tickets that would have been good enough even if they were nose bleeds. As it turns out they are Silver Club at the 50 yd line. So basically, I'm in the wine and cheese section! Time to see if those rumors are true or not myself! I will be reporting on my findings ;)

So here are the details of the meet-up.

Time and Location


We are meeting in the parking lot located at Tryon & 3rd St. There's only one parking lot on the corner. The other three corners are all occupied by buildings. I plan to arrive between 9am and 9:30am. Obviously the meet-up will run up to game time. I will probably head out around 11:30am-12pm.

Directions and Parking

If you are coming up 4th st. towards Tryon from the SE side, you can park at the Plaza parking deck for five dollars (the cheapest spot around).  Right after you cross Brevard street, you will go under a rail bridge after the bus station (which is on the right, on Google maps it has a blue roof).  Immediately after the rail bridge, the entrance to the Parking Deck is on the left. From there it's a two block walk to the tailgate. Of course you can park closer but expect the price to jump to $20 real quick. I believe the price to park in the same lot as the tailgate is $20 25. The tail gate location looks to be about 3 blocks from the stadium, maybe 4.

Here how you know you found us, look for this car:


Sweet ride huh? It's not mine unfortunately but I do plan to meet the owner.

Food and Drink

BYOB but we will be grilling out and if you look poor and down on your luck and you're wearing some Panther gear we might be able to feed you...at least until the food runs out. Of course you can set up your own tailgate or whatever if you want nearby. Typical tailgate etiquette applies (if there is such a thing).

Join us for a good time.

This is Now a Pre-Game Open Thread!


Sponsor Shout Out

I would be remiss to not give a big hat tip to Rad Deaton and the Deaton Law Firm. If you need an attorney in SC Rad is your guy. He's helped me out big time in the past and of course tomorrow with these awesome tickets. All you need to remember is this:


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