CSR2 Movin' on Up(NSFYour Chin)

Sometimes it is just too easy.

Sometimes it is just too right.

Sometimes you sad sacks of shit have to be taught a lesson about humility.

Class is in session.

Kuechly is Beastly tasted the deep dick of defeat from OhMyGod I'mGonnaCam (Who has won 3 of his last 3 games) 88.68 to 79.28

Goodell Can't Lose continues to shame his namesake (more than 2 Thursday night games could) falling to Wile E's Coyotes 104.50 to 74.08

Thor's Hammer screened in Queen City Katz 109.48 to 77.24

Jim Skipper edged towards retirement falling to Monster Energy 110.92 to 102.24

Release The Kraken went one on one with Gross Miscalculation (aka Shitty LeBron) 81.10 to 76.60

And finally, in the Frittata Bowl: Joe Buck Yourself was not the biggest loser in the booth, besting Sippin' Ginn N Juice 85.76 to 64.32 Will someone please throw Sippin' a pity fuck? Anyone?

Here's Limey with I don't even care enough to finish this senta

Pathetic Effect

Sigh.... The season isn't going well. Oi, why I saved you from humiliation is beyond me, I should have left you to rot in the gutter where I found you (ed. note. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!). Anyway that's not why we're here, let's see who sucked the most this week? Obviously it wasn't me... NOT Dipen??? Wow that's a shock..... Ah I see, if isn't CSR 2's very own pick-me-up... Sippin' on Ginn n Juice. When things are going tough at least we can all say we're not 0-6 like Stroking the Kitty. Hey Matt I don't know if you know this or not but coming last doesn't guarantee you the first pick next year. Let's see why you managed to score a pathetic 64.32 shall we?

Oh the irony... we mocked you about the irony of playing Kaepernick over Smith, so you start playing Smith over Kaepernick only to find out... well that he's Alex Smith. It turns out that having a decent QB actually does mean something in this league (as Captain Cumface's 3 game winning streak with Phillip Rivers can surely attest too). I'm guessing the Witten trade isn't really doing any favours for you? 2.70 sure is a rubbish score. Well you know what they say- "Don't trade with an Englishman cuz they'll make you look stupid, rob you blind and fuck your wife...'' Something like that I think. Interesting fact about Blah Blah Juice - if they played every team every week they would be a truly god awful 19-47, good enough for worst team in the league by a mile. Congrats on your continued suckfest of a season?

Warm regards,




"What's the point?" Indeed!

Tear each other apart, you rascals.

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