CSR 5 fantasy smack talk thread

Good evening CSR 5 members. I had an allergic reaction earlier so I was unable to write. But dont worry bitches Im back and this review will be better then ever because of it. This week was fairly successful for fantasy football except for the teams that always suck like Lana..Lana..LANA and THE BLASTERS.

The lucky bastard of the week was me. I had the shittiest week of fantasy football in my life and I still managed to pull a W. Jimmy Graham got me 0 points. Marquse Colston had a shitty week and Murray got hurt but I still pulled it out. I am still your supreme overlord ruler.

On to the recaps:

Lana..Lana..LANA:55.74 vs A real panthers fan:82.48: Congratulations Lana..Lana..LANA you took the worst week of fantasy football ever crown from Bernz. You really need to get your head out of your ass and stop playing with yourself. A real panthers fan is turning his season around.

Gettlemania:112.82 vs Feel the Bernz: 102.78: Gettlemania continues his battle for the division crown and a playoff birth. What did I tell you Bernz? You wins were a bunch of flukes you are going to start losing a lot including this week.

Bill League5 Champ:100.20 vs Mighty Melonheads: 75.70: Mighty Melonheads continues to play inconsistently but still lead the division because that division is the worst in the league. Billy won again of course making my division more competitive.

DiscoBalls: 117.40 vs THE BLASTERS: 92.94: Another decent performance by DiscoBalls as the move up in the standings. THE BLASTERS continue to suck some chode they suck dick and really need to make some moves to fix their team.

FghtingLebowskis: 123.76 vs Catch a Falling Star: 102.08: The FightingLebowskis were the leading scorer this week and continued their solid season. Catch A falling Star is continuing to have an average team as the fell to 3-3. They probably wont make the playoffs

No Punt Intended: 83.38 vs Panthers For Life: 74.58: This was by far my worst week of the season but I still won mainly because Panthers For Life sucks.

Rag And Brag:

I didnt receive one this week again. Next week I expect one. Email it to me at

You can also click email league and email it to me. If Fighting Lebowskis writes one email it to me and ill add in to this article.

I also challenge Bernz to a signature bet this week. If I win you must make your signature: I always LOSEtheDAY especially when competing against WINtheDAY.

You can pick mine if you win but keep it clean.

Also last week we out recd CSR 2 lets do it again.


Let the smack talking begin

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