Panthers Rise in Power Rankings While on Bye Week

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to other teams falling flat in week 4 the Panthers bumped up one place while doing nothing.

After languishing in the 20's or worse for the better part of two years now might the Panthers finally rise to the ranks of the mediocre?

NFL power rankings, Week 5: Saints go marchin' up -
20. Carolina Panthers If you were waiting for Ron Rivera to get fired this weekend, I hope you used that time to make a nice thank-you gift for Tom Coughlin and the Giants.

Thank you and the Giants! I think... I know, rankings mean nothing at this point but I still feel the need to see how the rest of my SBN brethren view our team and season.

Around the NFC Soth the Saints are up to #3 after rolling the Dolphins last night. I have to admit their defense is playing better and it may not be a mirage after all. Still, let's see them play an established offense first, which they have not. Hopefully the Bears will put up a better fight this week than they did last week against the Lions.

Over in the ATL though it is getting ugly:

16. Atlanta Falcons Those red zone statistics are ugly (1-for-6 against the Patriots). Something has to change, and fast, if Mike Smith's going get this team to the playoffs for a fourth consecutive year.

People are finally realizing this is a very flawed team and it starts with both lines. The offensive tackles are the worst tandem in football and the defense struggles against the run. That is not a good combo so the Falcons might be falling to earth after three high flying seasons. Fewer people are expecting them to turn it around. I expect the tumble to continue.

And then there is the Bucs, who have held on tight to that #31 slot:

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers When in doubt, crash the other team's victory formation, take the ball and go home. It's only slightly more looney than leaning on your rookie quarterback to preserve a double-digit lead. In some dystopian future, Greg Schiano will be a great coach.

There is not much else to say here except has the 'Countdown to Clowney' started in Tampa Bay? I mean, they have their QB of the future in Mike Glennon. Boy I hope Clowney doesn't end up in Tampa but it is out of our hands.

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