Realistic Offseason Moves considering the Salary Cap

1. Retain the Coaching Staff: I would call for Mcdermott's firing, because he is quite an idiot, but given Rivera is a defensive head coach, there might not be a reason to install another new defensive system when the defense is doing well.

2. Shore up the Offensive Line.

Thomas Austin, Jeff Byers, and Garry Williams were are three interior OL starters in Week 17. Is that how we plan on protecting our franchise QB?? Gross is getting old and his contract needs to be restructured. Use that money on someone that will have an impact. We tried doing this with Mike Pollak but he had no impact! Bring in a guy to play RG and teach Amini to pass block better.

3. Fix our problems on Defense.

I'm talking every position here. DE- Is Charles Johnson overpaid? DT- Ron Edwards ends on IR for 2nd year. He is rarely on the field (30 % of snaps) during games. He played very few snaps. Get another Starting DT. LB- What's the deal with Jon Beason and Thomas Davis. Can we upgrade from James Anderson, I think so. CB- Chris Gamble's contract needs restructuring. Who's our no.1 CB, who's our no.2, who's our no.3?? S- Sherrod Martin, Haruki, DJ.. Charles Godfrey restructure?

4. Address the RB Situation.

We have way too much money committed to the RB's to not use them. Especially early in the season, the offense was designed for Cam to run with the zone read before going back to traditional power. Restructure someone or get rid of them.

5. WR- Who is our no.3 WR next year. Who stays amongst Pilares, Adams, Edwards, Gettis.

6. QB- Who is our backup QB, Anderson's contract is up.

7. TE- Who's our TEs. Hartstock, Barnidge and Brockel's contracts are up. Expect to see a mid round pick here.


My Answers.

With a new GM, the status quo will change. How active will we be in free agency, what will our draft strategies be. No one knows. Nothing can be expected without great doubt.

  • Sign someone to compete with Hangartner.
  • Restructure Charles Johnson
  • Release Ron Edwards, Draft a DT in 2nd Round. Hankins might fall to there.
  • Restructure Jon Beason and Thomas Davis.
  • Release Anderson and move Beason to OLB.
  • Release Munnerlyn and Gamble. Draft a CB and Sign Veteran CB to be starters.
  • Figure out why Norman is in Rivera's doghouse. Let Thomas play nickel, keep Norman to compete.
  • Release Martin and Nakamura.
  • Start Campbell, Draft S 5th Round to compete. Sign S for depth.
  • Restructure Williams. Make Stewart the Starter but split carries 50/50.
  • Use Tolbert more as FB.
  • Gettis is gone. Edwards or Adams, pick. Pilares as 5th WR.
  • Draft a WR/TE in 4th Round. Not to play ST, to play offense. Big target.
  • Re-sign Anderson, Release Clausen.
No 3rd or 7th Round Pick. Check out snap counts here:


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