Possible Panther Trades this Offseason?

Patrick McDermott

First fanpost for me but from everything I have been reading I had to run these potential trades by and see if they made sense to anyone else. Hopefully they make sense to Getts and the other teams' GMs b/c they will be the ones to pull the trigger but we can at least hope.

Trade #1- Jordan Gross to Chicago Bears for 2nd rounder (~#52) (maybe 3rd)

Chicago needs O-line help like Lindsay Lohan needs a job. The problem is they are too far back to pick one up without trading up to get one. This would probably cost them more than a 2nd rounder as some projections have Lane Johnson going as high as San Diego and everyone predicts Joeckel and Fisher to go in the top 10. Although I am not a Gross hater I do think that he is heading towards the downside of his career. He is as valuable now to us as he ever will be as a trade piece. A team like Chicago has aging players and want to win now. Trading for Gross would allow them to save their 1st rounder for other needs and fix a terrible O-line.

(alternative for Gross trade- San Diego Chargers 2nd rounder (maybe 3rd)).

Trade #2- Panther's 1st rounder for Seattle's 1st (#25) and 2nd rounders (~#57)

Seattle needs a pass rusher in a bad way. It is one of the few weaknesses their otherwise young team has. I see them making a Julio Jones type splash this year to get the piece they are missing. Jumping up to our spot would provide them the chance to get Mingo or Ansah. Also, they have 11 picks in this draft and Pete Carroll has already said that all those young guys might not find a roster spot. I don't see them wasting all those picks. I see them packaging some of their many picks to make some trades and they have enough to work with so that losing a 2nd rounder wouldn't be a huge blow if they get a great rusher.

Trade #3- Panthers trade Jonathan Stewart or D-Will (whichever they want, hopefully J-Stew IMO) to Pats for 3rd rounder

I want to say get a 2nd for these guys but J-Stew is too injury prone and D-Will has had 2 bad years in a row so I don't think they will get that asking price. The Pats always have plenty of picks but they have no running game at all. Brady is getting old and they need a great runner. With already needing to improve their secondary this would cut down on what they would be needing in the draft.

(alternative trade- Gamble to Pats for 3rd, or one of the runners to Denver for their 3rd and reunite with Foxy)

With these trade the panthers would get what they desperately need- high draft picks to fill the myriad of vacancies that will be created by Hurney's poor cap management. This also allows for us to get even younger and let all of our players grow together.

What do you think? Possible? Probable? Who would you take with the extra picks if any or all of these trades worked out?

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