Senior Bowl Wrap Up; One last Look


The South beat the North 21-16 in a somewhat sloppy game that was attributable to either solid defense or poor quarterback play, take your pick. In the end all we care about is who looked like future Panthers and who didn't. Here's my take on the winners and loser.

If you think Dave Gettleman believes in having a stable of pass rushers then this might be the guy at #14:

Senior Bowl 2013: Ezekiel Ansah turning heads -
At 6'6, 270 pounds, he draws comparisons to Jason Pierre-Paul and Jevon Kearse. Even though he's blessed with outlandish physical gifts, Ansah is staying humble and is eager to get better.

Ansah was the star on defense. The game MVP was a QB who has previously indicated he would be the perfect back-up for Cam Newton. I'm can't say I disagree:

Senior Bowl 2013: Did E.J. Manuel boost his draft stock this week? -
He gradually straightened his passing motion and has really maximized the value of his quick-strike approach throughout the course of the week. He ended the Senior Bowl with 7-of-10 passing with one touchdown and 76 yards, a performance that could have him on the fast track to starting in the NFL. He attributes this quick turnaround to the Lions and its offensive staff and hopes it’s enough to get his foot in the door after the NFL draft. "I got to come down here and play and learn from the Detroit (Lions) staff," Manuel said. "It was really about taking advantage of the opportunity."

Considering the Panthers might nto have a back-up QB in the very near future he might be worth a look late round of course. Honestly outside of a UDFA signing I would hope the Panthers don't spend a pick on a back-up QB. Certainyl some team will spend at least a late rounder on Manuel right?

So if we draft OL or WR in the first then this is a guy that should be there in the 2nd:

Senior Bowl 2013: Quarterbacks struggle while defenders thrive -
Sylvester Williams: Williams was voted as the top performer in practice this week, which is quite an accomplishment considering how well Ansah performed. The 6'3, 305-pound defensive tackle has the ability to play at either nose tackle or as a 3-technique defensive tackle, and NFL teams will be keen on adding that kind of versatility to their front sevens.

I think his age will push him out of the 1st round but he could provide an immediate impact. You can read more on him here.

Moving back to offense and the final stat lines here are the WR's who had a good game:

Marquise Goodwin 5 receptions for 44 yards

Markus Wheaton 4 receptions for 47 yards

Michael Williams 2 receptions for 39 yards, 1 TD

Of these three I think Wheaton would be the best fit in Carolina. No he's not the tall WR that most fans clamor for but Wheaton makes up for it with good quickness, excellent route running and great hands. Plus he's a guy that got better all four years in college. Given his overall body of work I can certainly see him making the transition to NFL starter.

On another note, I have no idea where Bacarri Rambo ranks on most teams draft boards as I've seen him all over the place. All I know is the guy is usually near the ball and has that 6th sense of when he can make a play. Hence his really nice INT where he anticipated the route and undercut the WR. I know he has all kinds of red flags but I would pull the trigger in the 4th on him.

Outside of the QB play in general I didn't see anyone look too bad with one exception: I was not impressed with Denard Robinson at WR. I might be a little jaded in the 'QB converting to WR' experience but none the less, the guy needs some work as a WR.

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