Mel Kiper Regrades the 2012 Draft

Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

In the Panthers regrade Kiper still likes what the Panthers got though he doesn't change much.

via ESPN Insider:

Post-draft grade: B-

Summary: No team that didn't reach the playoffs finished as well as the Panthers, who won their last four games (five of their last six) -- and the 2012 draft played a big role. Luke Kuechly seems destined to be one of the top players from this draft. Taking an inside linebacker inside the top 10 raises value questions, but not when you hit a home run. Kuechly wasn't just good, he led the NFL in tackles and he should only continue to get better. (Kuechly doesn't turn 22 until a week before the 2013 draft.) You could see his exceptional instincts on display early.

Amini Silatolu moved inside and started 15 games at guard. He struggled, but also started to play his best football towards the end of the season. Frank Alexander played in every game, and could develop into a pretty good pass-rusher. Josh Norman was raw coming out of Coastal Carolina, but should be a starter at corner in Week 1 next season, and has the chance to get a lot better as his technical skills catch up with his athleticism. And hey, the Panthers even got a pretty good punter in a reasonable value range, drafting Brad Nortman at No. 207 overall. Kuechly is the gem, and the grade reflects that not all of these guys see as much time on a contender, but this is not a bad draft at all for the Panthers. We'll see if the good play from the end of the season can carry over.

New grade: B

So he dropped the minus after seeing how well Kuechly played basically.

Honestly ever I don't pay much attention to Kiper since his over-to-top flop on Clausen. Which he compounded by not relenting on his Clausen love even after it became painfully apparent Clausen was not nor is he today NFL-starter quality.

So another year from now what would it take for this draft to reach an 'A' grade level I wonder?

Silatolu makes the Pro Bowl along with Kuechly?

Fran Alexander leads the Panthers in sacks in 2013 with 15?

Brad Nortman leads the NFL in net punt average?

Joe Adams leads the NFC in PR avg?

DJ Campbell gets a soup named after him?

All the above?


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