Panthers Still Have Coaching Positions to Fill

Wesley Hitt

With the recent promotions of Mike Shula and Richard Rodgers and Ricky Proehl the Panthers have some positions to fill. That has apparently made Ron Rivera a popular guy at the Senior Bowl. I was just glad to see Rivera was there scouting the talent. I'm betting GM Dave Gettleman was there as well (in addition to the scouting staff)

As reported by the Charlotte Observer:

Carolina Panthers' coach Ron Rivera is popular at Senior Bowl |
The Panthers met with Bill Davis on Monday about the linebackers position, a league source said. Davis coached outside linebackers under Dom Capers during the Panthers’ first four seasons of existence. Davis, who has been a defensive coordinator in Arizona and San Francisco, spent the past two seasons in Cleveland. Jacksonville linebackers coach Mark Duffner interviewed with the Panthers last week before deciding to stay with the Jaguars under new coach Gus Bradley.

I think I'm seeing a trend in some of the potential new hires. Rivera seems to be leaning on experience over youth or potential for those candidates he might bring in from the outside. I would assume he is done promoting from within though I wonder is Sam Mills Jr might get a shot at the LB coaching spot. Of course I might just be assuming Mills knows something about LBers given his father was an outstanding one but that could be a very misguided reach.

Davis is another experienced guy who has history in Carolina and would represent an 'experience' pick over potential. Since Capers ran a 3-4 I would assume Davis has experience in both formations, the 3-4 and of course the 4-3.

Or... Hark!!! might this portend a switch to the 3-4? (Since news is scarce at the moment I'm sure I could drum up the old 3-4 vs 4-3 defense argument!) Go ahead if you wish!

If Rivera is in Mobile then should we assume he won't be hiring anyone until at least Sunday? By the way, if you are a coach looking for a job or promotion yet you are the Senior Bowl to scout talent how do you broach that topic with a guy like Rivera? Let's say you would love that LB coaching job, how do you get Rivera's attention? Here's some suggestions:

LB Coaching Candidate opening lines to Ron Rivera:

1. That Luke Kuechly is going to be one heck of a LB; maybe even as good as you coach!

2. Jon Beason would make on hell of a strong-side LBer

3. That '85 Bear defense was in my view the best defense and set of LBers EVER!

4. I love khaki shorts and sunglasses.

Those might be okay but I'm sure you guys can come up with better.

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