Panthers season in Review: Roster Comings and Goings

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Here's a detailed look at the Panthers roster transactions over the course of the 2012 season with a few choice comments from yours truly. So let's take a look back at the comings and goings in remembrance of a season that was [queue the harp music].

Panther roster transactions from July 24th through the end of 2012:

Transaction Date Transaction Details Comments
7/24/2012 WR Louis Murphy in trade The former 4th round pick was worth the 6th or 7th we gave up for him in my view. He will be good depth next season as he and Cam continue to meld.
7/26/2012 Waived RB Armond Smith Don't worry, he'll be back
7/27/2012 agent signing LB David Nixon He doesn't last
7/30/2012 Released DE Jyles Tucker Tucker was the smallest DE I've ever seen; Left to either put on weight or retire
8/2/2012 agent signing CB Nate Ness Ness wouldn't last long
8/2/2012 Released T Jeff Otah The nightmare finally ended
8/8/2012 Waived/injury settlement WR Hubert Anyiam Who?
8/8/2012 agent signing G Justin Wells Wells ended up getting a shot at playing time though it was less than impressive
8/10/2012 agent signing G Andre Ramsey In for his cup of tea
8/10/2012 Waived/injured T Lee Ziemba A formter 7th round pick by the Panthers, Ziema got hurt at the worst possible time
8/11/2012 reserve T Lee Ziemba I currently do not see Ziemba on the IR list
8/13/2012 signing RB Jonathan Stewart J-Stew gets paid!
8/15/2012 Waived G Andre Ramsey We hardly knew you Andre
8/15/2012 agent signing RB Armond Smith Smith would continue to impress and remains on the roster as the #3 tailback
8/18/2012 agent signing C Scott Mruczkowski Brought in after 2nd preseason game
8/18/2012 CB Nate Ness The injury bug bites
8/20/2012 reserve CB Nate Ness Ness remains on the roster; at 6'1" 190 lbs he has good size for a CB; 3rd year out of UofAZ
8/22/2012 Released C Scott Mruczkowski Didn't make it a week
8/27/2012 Waived WR Darvin Adams A 2011 UDFA from Auburn, some thought this kid might stick; currently playing for the Virgina Destroyers of the AFL
8/27/2012 Waived G Roger Allen A 3rd player from Missouri Western, I thought Allen looked pretty good at TC; he's currently on the Bucs roster
8/27/2012 Waived WR Michael Avila UDFA just didn't stand out
8/27/2012 Waived WR Brenton Bersin Former Wofford player had nice size
8/27/2012 Waived G Will Blackwell 1st cut down continues; Blackwell just not athletic enough
8/27/2012 unable to perform WR David Gettis We thought he would be back by now
8/27/2012 Released P Nick Harris Harris kicked well and eventually landed in Detroit
8/27/2012 reserve CB Brandon Hogan So much promise and potential
8/27/2012 Released K Olindo Mare When you need the game tied and kick sails wide...That's O-Mare!
8/27/2012 Waived DE Eric Norwood Former Gamecock just could not make much of an impact with his few chances; currently with VA Destroyers
8/27/2012 Waived RB Lyndon Rowells Did not impress
8/27/2012 Waived TE Greg Smith We thought he had a shot but it was not to be
8/27/2012 Waived RB Josh Vaughan Played petty well but we were too deep at RB; Now with the Falcons
8/27/2012 Waived/injury settlement WR Rico Wallace Got hurt, wasn't going to make team anyway
8/31/2012 Waived WR Seyi Ajirotutu Played the entire 2011 season for us with spotty production at best; I thought he went to the Dolphins but is back with SD actually
8/31/2012 Waived G Bryant Browning I thought he looked good in TC; makes the PS
8/31/2012 Waived WR Lamont Bryant He makes the PS and remains on the roster
8/31/2012 Waived/injured CB Darius Butler We had high hopes for Butler; now with the Colts whom we saw play this past w/e; got toasted
8/31/2012 Waived DT Nate Chandler He later makes the PS and then gets elevated to the 53
8/31/2012 Waived TE Joe Jon Finley I thought his size would keep him around
8/31/2012 Waived WR Jared Green Makes PS but was recently signed by Dallas
8/31/2012 S Colin Jones in trade Jones played ST all season except when injured
8/31/2012 DT Andre Neblett 1st four games he was sidelined; We wondered if he would stick or get cut
8/31/2012 Waived S Jonathan Nelson Nelson would return later
8/31/2012 Waived LB David Nixon Nixon returns later too
8/31/2012 Waived DT Ogemdi Nwagbuo Now with the Lions
8/31/2012 Waived/injured RB Tauren Poole RB looked pretty good but injury was bad timing
8/31/2012 Waived S Jordan Pugh A bit of a surprise; The former 6th round pick in 2010 Pugh played two seasons but is now with the Redskins
8/31/2012 Waived T Matt Reynolds Played well during TC but it wasn't enough
8/31/2012 Waived TE Nelson Rosario Rosario returns later
8/31/2012 Waived RB Armond Smith Returns later
8/31/2012 Released S Reggie Smith The veteran FA played pretty well so I was surprised by this cut
8/31/2012 Waived CB R.J. Stanford Also a 2010 Panther draft pick (7th rd) Stanford is now with Miami
8/31/2012 Waived DE Ryan Van Bergen The former Wolverine is a free agent
8/31/2012 Waived G Justin Wells Wells doesn't show in the wiki so I'm not sure what happened to him
8/31/2012 Waived LB Jason Williams Williams makes it back to the roster
8/31/2012 Waived G Zack Williams Williams makes it back to the roster
8/31/2012 Waived LB Kion Wilson Camp body only
9/1/2012 squad signing G Bryant Browning Only temporary
9/1/2012 squad signing WR Lamont Bryant Just offered a futures contract for 2013
9/1/2012 reserve CB Darius Butler He gets an injury settlement and then goes to the Colts
9/1/2012 squad signing DT Nate Chandler Chandler later makes the roster and sees action late in the season
9/1/2012 squad signing WR Jared Green Just got stolen off the PS by the Cowboys
9/1/2012 reserve RB Tauren Poole Poole is still on the roster; he has some potential as a #3 RB
9/1/2012 squad signing TE Nelson Rosario Just offered a futures contract for 2013
9/1/2012 squad signing RB Armond Smith Currently on the roster
9/1/2012 squad signing G Zack Williams
9/2/2012 Waived from injured reserve/injury settlement CB Darius Butler Now with Colts
9/2/2012 agent signing DT Dwan Edwards Best pick-up of the season
9/2/2012 Waived DT Terrell McClain The Dancing Bear couldn't make an impact
9/2/2012 squad signing CB Ron Parker A temporary move
10/1/2012 DT Andre Neblett Neblett survived and remains on the roster
10/6/2012 agent signing CB Ron Parker Makes the roster but not for long
10/6/2012 reserve G Mike Pollak The first of several key injuries
10/8/2012 Waived CB Ron Parker So is he leaving or not?
10/10/2012 squad signing CB Ron Parker He's back
10/11/2012 agent signing C Thomas Austin OL depth was needed and Austin took advantage
10/11/2012 reserve C Ryan Kalil Ohhhhh Nooooooes! This one hurts
10/16/2012 Terminated G Bryant Browning from practice squad They liked Ray D better
10/16/2012 squad signing G Ray Dominguez Spent 2011 with Green Bay
10/17/2012 squad signing LB Jerry Franklin Who?
10/17/2012 reserve LB Kenny Onatolu Key Special teams plater
10/17/2012 agent signing CB Ron Parker Parker doesn't stay on the roster long
10/22/2012 reserve CB Chris Gamble Suck...
10/23/2012 claim LB Doug Hogue Who? I don't remember this guy a bit
10/24/2012 reserve LB Jon Beason Double suck...
10/24/2012 agent signing CB James Dockery Best transaction that went under the radar
10/26/2012 agent signing DT Nate Chandler Another FA that gets snaps at the end of the season
10/26/2012 Waived DT Frank Kearse He'll be back
10/29/2012 Waived from injured reserve CB Brandon Hogan Talk about a bust of a draft pick...I'm not sure he ever got 100% healthy
10/30/2012 squad signing DT Frank Kearse Kearse is back
11/2/2012 Waived C Thomas Austin He'll be back
11/2/2012 agent signing G Zack Williams They must see something in this former 6th round pick
11/5/2012 Waived CB Ron Parker Not the last we will see of Parker
11/5/2012 claim LB Jason Williams Another nice special teams pick up
11/6/2012 squad signing C Thomas Austin He's back!
11/6/2012 Terminated LB Jerry Franklin from practice squad Just a body
11/6/2012 WR David Gettis from physically unable to perform We waited for this for so long
11/6/2012 reserve WR Kealoha Pilares Just when he was starting to get a chance to shine
11/7/2012 squad signing CB Ron Parker Parker is back again, but nfl (not for long)
11/14/2012 agent signing OL Jeremy Bridges At the time we thought this was huge
11/14/2012 reserve DE Thomas Keiser And another one bites the dust
11/20/2012 Waived K Justin Medlock I was blind-sided by this but it truned out to be a good move
11/21/2012 agent signing K Graham Gano Gano ended up hitting 9 of 11 FGs after replacing Justin Medlock
11/27/2012 reserve DT Ron Edwards Ouch! Now that one is going to hurt bad right?
11/28/2012 squad signing CB Nick Hixson No impact transaction
11/28/2012 agent signing DT Frank Kearse The Kearse is back
12/4/2012 agent signing DE Mario Addison I recall seeing this guy on the field and thinking 'Who is that?'
12/4/2012 squad signing G Dominic Alford No impact transaction
12/4/2012 reserve DE Antwan Applewhite And another one bites the dust
12/4/2012 agent signing C Thomas Austin Austin impressed in his short time on the field
12/4/2012 Waived OL Jeremy Bridges Wow...Bridges must have come in out of shape
12/4/2012 squad signing CB Kendric Burney We loved him in the preseason
12/4/2012 reserve S Sherrod Martin Just when Martin was back to playing at a high level
12/4/2012 agent signing RB Armond Smith Smith played well in his few chances
12/6/2012 squad signing S Anderson Russell No impact transaction
12/11/2012 squad signing CB Kamaal McIlwain No impact transaction
12/11/2012 reserve S Haruki Nakamura No impact transaction (lol...we maybe a positive impact)
12/11/2012 agent signing S Anderson Russell Never saw the field that I know of
12/11/2012 Waived from injured reserve T Lee Ziemba Former 7th round Auburn player has some potential; now with the Colts
12/18/2012 agent signing G Hayworth Hicks No impact transaction
12/18/2012 reserve G Zack Williams Two leg injuries in 2 years; hard to imagine he can make it back
12/26/2012 reserve G Amini Silatolu Damn, just when the rookie was playing well
12/31/2012 signing WR Lamont Bryant I absolutely love his size
12/31/2012 signing CB Nick Hixson He must have shown something
12/31/2012 signing TE Nelson Rosario When I see TE and Rosario together you know what I'm thinking

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