Transcript of meeting between CAM NEWTON and MIKE SHULA

After receiving his 36th sack of the season, CAM NEWTON heads to the sidelines, sits on a steel bench next to MIKE SHULA (QB COACH)

Newton: Maaan...he is just killing me out there with that thing....

SHULA: ...I know, I'm sorry about that...

NEWTON: Every time, the same play...don't get me wrong, I love the read option once in a while, but they know when I'm gonna run it, hell, everyone in the stadium knows I'm going to run it...

SHULA: It's ok, we'll get them next time, lets focus on your footwork for next series...

NEWTON: Mike, I swear to god, if he sends me out with that same play again, I will go all ACE BOOGIE on his butt. I will walk up to that press box and shove those glasses up his...

SHULA: yeah, but the footwork...we need to...

NEWTON: Maaan. You think any of those security boys will stop me? Hell, those NFL Linebackers barely want to tackle me, you think some stadium cop will even get in my way?

SHULA: (chuckles)...ok footwork...

NEWTON:Are you seeing me out there? I just had Vilma eat me for breakfast before I got to my 3rd step. I see it coming, but he won't let me audible out? Why not? I could of had that hot route to Smitty for a over, lets go play XBOX! But, NOOO, Vilma is over there laughing at me and The defense is yelling, "HERE THEY GO AGAIN WITH THAT RO, HAHA, THEY THINK HE IS LIKE RG3!"

SHULA: I know buddy, we have to work with what we are given and right now, he calls the plays.

NEWTON: I wish you were calling the plays. I love those plays you've drawn up, they would be so much fun to run.

SHULA: That's nice of you to say...

NEWTON: If they ask me who I want, I'm gonna tell them "YOU", you know that..

SHULA: I appreciate that, but I didn't do so well during my last gig in Tampa. This is where I belong...

NEWTON: So what? Was I even born yet when you had that Tampa job? It's a new day, and you know what we have, you understand what our team has, the weapons, you know how to use them. You and I have been work together closer than anybody on this team for the last 2 years. You have seen me struggle, you know me better than anyone. Chud just looks at me like I'm his show toy. (CAM is doing a bad impression of Chud) "Let's watch the monkey dance with my trick plays". I don't give a shit, I just want to win!

SHULA: That's nice of you to say, but this is all I can do for now. Don't get me wrong, this has been probably the best job I have ever had. Coaching you has been alot of fun. I will miss it next year. It's been an honor.

NEWTON: It ain't over yet sir, lets see if we can't get this win and get you and BAMF to stay, ok?

SHULA: It's almost time for you to go back in, Kraken just bent Breeze in two, and besides...

NEWTON stands up, puts helmet on and turns to SHULA

NEWTON: Just remember, if they ask, I'm telling them I want you...

SHULA: Let's just focus on winning this last game so we finish strong...

NEWTON starts to run back onto the field.


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