New Member and Long time Panther fan with his take on Free Agency and the Draft

Andy Lyons

Hello CSR, I'm a long time reader of this site but never had the time to join the nation because I was in the Army either deployed to the Middle East or on some training mission. So after 15 years of service my wife and I decided we want to start a family and moved next door to panther316, my brother inlaw. Now that I have time I thought I'd bounce of a few opinions off you guys.

I guess I'll start with Free Agency. I'm sure everyone has their own opinion on which side of the ball needs fixed first. Both the draft and FA have anbundance of talent on talent on the D-Line and are need for both run stuffers and pass rusher's I'd thought I'd name one of each and get your thoughts on them.

Pass Rusher

Desmond Bryant DT Oakland: 6'6 311lbs 2009 UDFA out of Harvard.

GP-63, TT-124, Sacks-12.5, YdsL-73, FFum-3, PD-2

From Elizabethtown, N.C. Has been a part time starter since enter the league. Started to come into his own the last 2 seasons and would give us much needed size. He's someone Coach Riveria knows pretty well and not a Charger reject like Applewhite.

Run Stuffer

Roy Miller DT Tampa Bay: 6'2 310lbs 2009 3rd round pick out of Texas.

GP-62, TT-140, Sacks-3, YdsL-15, PD-2

Texas product who offer very little as a Pass Rusher but does and excellent job clogging running lanes allowing DE to generate the pass rush. Will not light up the stat sheet or lead the team in tackles but will duke it out in the trenchs and allow others to make plays.

With 3 of are 4 starting LB injuried or injury prone we need to add a quality starter into the mix to push are current starters. Our 4 backup LBs are special teamers or spot starters and cant be counted on to be more then that.

Outside Linebacker

Philip Wheeler OLB Oakland: 6'2 240lbs 2008 3rd round pick out of Georgia Tech

GP-77, TT-330, Sacks-5, YdsL-36, FFum-4, PD-8

3rd round pick of the Colts who wasn't resigned do to Freeny and Mathis moving to OLB. Offers speed and sure tackling and could easily replace Anderson.

Jesse Nading OLB/DE Houston: 6'5 257lb 2008 UDFA out of Colorado State

GP-36, TT-40, Sacks-1.5, YdsL-8, PD-1

Has earned more playing time do to injurys and gained DC Wade Phillips trust. Most famous for his no helemt tackle against the Bengals in last seasons playoff game where at the end of the play he came up bloody and full of fire. Looks for contact and plays with high energy and amazing speed. Can cover ground quickly although at times is to reckless with his body.

I only have one guy on the Offensive side of the ball I'd like to see under contract next season.

James Casey FB/TE/LS Houston: 6'3 240lb 2009 3rd round pick out of Rice.


GP-61, RA-2, Yds-17


GP-61, Rec-66, Tgt-95, Yds-752, Y/G-12.3, Avg-11.4, Long-62, YAC-7.4, 1stD-38, TD-4, Fum-0

Played 3yrs in the White Soxs minor league system before going to Rice to play football. Good blocker and the ability to play 3 positions makes him an intriging prospect. Had to wait behind Joel Dresson and Owen Daniels for playing and made some big plays the last two seasons.

Now for my Mock Draft. Since I saw how well the Patriots drafted this year by sticking to one side of the ball except for their last pick I thought I'd do the same thing. 1 mock for Offense and 1 for Defense.

Mock 1: Offense

Pick 1: Chance Warmack G, Alabama: To good of a player to pass up if were just thinking Offensively. A need fulfilled with the best player availible and allows use to cut Hangartner and us Bell as the teams 6th man.

Pick 2: Lane Johnson T, Oklahoma: Again best player availible that fits a need. He has faced off against some of the best pass rusher in the Big 12 and held his own. Allowed unmoble Landry Jones plenty of time to throw the ball enstead of being forced out of the pocket like Cam was thanks to Bell's current skill level.

Pick 4: Markus Wheaton WR, Oregon State: If he is still on the board then he is to good of a receiver to pass up. Catchs almost anything thrown at him in traffic or out in the open and has speed to burn corners and safety's after the catch.

Pick 5: Brandan Bishop S, N.C. State: The 6'2 205lb local with natural ball skills and great size and tackling ability. Carrer 11Int and 254TT.

Pick 6: Zach Brown K. Portland State: Not well known but is receiving some attetion at the East/West Shrine Practice. Was a 2011 CFPA award winner and is a soccer style kicker. Also has done some Punts.

Mock 2:Defense

Pick 1: Sheldon Richardson DT, Missouri: Greatest need best player avaliblie. Nonstop motor and great workethic. Has nice size and good feet and hands to shrug off blocks and get to next level.

Pick 2: Jordan Poyer CB, Oregon State: Solid player who is excellent in pass coverge and with Gamble's contract and age it's time to start looking for a replacement. 2nd in the nation in Interceptions.

Pick 4: Kwame Geathers NT, Georgia: Not an every down defender but has the size to clog up running lanes and fills a need.

Pick 5: Think all stick with Brandan Bishop S, N.C. State

Pick 6: Cameron Lawerence OLB, Mississippi State: 6'3 230lb LB has size and speed and was second in the SEC this season with 123 total stops and had 111TT this season.

Well thats it hope you enjoy and look forward to your comments.

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