Free Agency in Charlotte -- Who's Leaving and Who's available

Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

Since I saw the blurb about Derek Anderson making nice with Cleveland, I began thinking about our upcoming losses and possible gains without Marty at the helm. I completely understand Anderson wanting to follow Chud -- not only the familiarity with the coach but the possibility of starting based upon the current QB's. Of the available FA's at the moment,

I see the possibility of Kellen Clemens, but I would love to have Chase Daniel, particularly with his familiarity with the Saints' O. While we're at it, we should give Jimmy the chance to test the waters elsewhere and bring in Duke's Renfree in the UFA: he certainly has the size and produced in a setting somewhat less than ideal; he might be developed to our #2.

No RB losses we don't make ourselves, but Goodson's going to be out there if he still has Panthers fans {other than RR}. If you agree that we are paying too much for FB, AP's lead blocker is supposed to be available; despite the price, I think we're better off as is.

Our only WR is Murphy, but I suspect others may be leaving. We cannot afford a Bowe or Wallace, but Welker, Edelson, and Branch are available from the Pats. I favor going with a veteran like Jennings, Driver, or even Moss, while we develop or draft a someone who can actually run a route and catch the ball.

At TE, we only have Olsen coming back (unless you count Nelson). If Fred Davis can still perform, maybe. I don't see Martellus Bennett leaving the Giants or our Cap space bringing him in. {There's a fair chance Joseph Fauria, Justice Cunningham, or Mike Shanahan will be available at the end of the day April 27th.}

We are not scheduled to lose an OT, but what possibilities are out there: Clady, Baker, Long, Justice. We could upgrade the RT on a budget just by bringing Schwartz back. As we wave farewell to Mike Pollack, the acquisition of Andy Levitre or Louis Vasquez might save us a high draft pick in April. Let's stand pat on Center.

Only losing Antwan Applewhite at DE, I think we are in good stead as is. I don't see us going after Freeney or Umenyiora.

This may be the deepest DT draft ever, but I would certainly consider Ricky Jean-Francois, Shaun Rogers, Sedrick Ellis, or even Glenn Dorsey, depending upon cost when all the smoke clears.

I would like to bring Senn back for ST. I'm afraid we'll have to jetison some real LB talent for sake of Cap; we can't afford Connor Barwin and the Ravens will probably lock up Paul Kruger right after Flacco. If we end up with only 5 draft picks, I'm afraid we can't pick up fresh talent in April.

I love Munnerlyn's effort, but my wish list might include Leodis McKelvin or Brent Grimes. Ronde is out there; even at his age, I would still take him as CB or Safety.

I don't think Sherrod Martin will want to come back at Safety. Could we possibly get Jairus Byrd? It might be worth cutting the budget elsewhere.

I like the possibility of Phil Dawson at kicker. Frankly, I would prefer to bring back Kasay and get a punter who can kick off. If we can't draft Hopkins, at least bring in a UFA or two to compete with Gano.

Speaking of punters, Shane Lechler is currently listed -- nice daydream. {Al Davis was obviously a leg man!} Let's see what UFA brings. His eye for talent is a major reason Gettleman is our GM. With the Panthers dropping additional players at FA time, who do you see coming here on what we can spend?

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