Dead Money and Players Contracts make this offseason look a little grim.

First I'd like to say a welcome back to my Brother-Inlaw who just got back from his 8th and final tour of duty in the Middle East. Fortunatly for him he missed this season but is a huge Panther fan and Im glad to have him back safe and sound. He's not a CSR member yet, but he's only been back a few day's, but he does read the site daily. Where having a nice big family reunion and welcome back party right now for him and his wife who are moving in next door to me and my wife and kids. This is also why im typing this up. You see being the only white and non spanish speaking person in the house full of Cuban's has driven me a little crazy. I have 10 little kids destroying my Panther Den and I had to drive away with my autographed Sam Mills jeresy that got knock off the wall before something bad happened. Listening to country music in my truck has been the first English I have heard in about 24 hours. I even watched the playoffs in Spanish.

Any who I wanted to understand the Cap struggle that we are facing this coming season so I visited were it showed me season by season what each player makes, there bonus's and how much dead money we have going into next season. Some of these figures I saw where damn suprising and jaw droping. First I'll list are dead money going into next season and who it owed to. I'll go highest to lowest amount.

1. Olindo Mare, $2 million.

2. Travelle Wharton, $1,862,882

3. Terrel McClain, $351,500

4. Brandon Hogan, $128,250

5. Eric Norwood, $114,600

6. Rico Wallace, $5,880

7-9. Lyndon Rowells, Brenton Bersin, and Will Blackwell, $5,000 each

Total Dead Money: $4,478,112 going into next season.

If any player with a prorated signing bonus gets cut next season that also adds to are Dead Money if what I read is write. If not please correct me and I'd be glad for the information.

Next I go to player's that I think should be cut next season. I'll go Base Salary, Signing Bonus, Misc Bonus and then Cap Hit for 2013 season in that order. The x2 behind the signing bonus is how many years are left after proration, the r behind the Misc Bonus is a roster bonus, a w would mean workout bonus.

Haruki Nakamura: $1,300,000, 333,333x2, $0, $1,633,333

Ron Edwards: $2,150,000, $833,333, $350,000r, $3,333,333

Garry Williams: $900,000, $133,333, $100,000r, $1,133,333

Haruki was supose to be better than Martin but the both sucked butt. Unfortunatly were on the hook for $666,666 in signing bonus money owed to him over the next 2 years of his contract but $333,333 this season is better then a $1,633,333 cap hit. I thought Edwards had only signed a 2yr contract but when I took a look at his contract it was for 3yrs. $3,333,333 is to much to pay for a old DT who will most likely end the season on IR. Better to pay the $833,333 signing bonus for his final season. Garry has never panned out and is in the last year of his contract and $1,133,333 is to much for a backup who is injury prone. Better the $133,333 left of his signing bonus. Total savings this season $4,833,333 on 3 roster spots.

Next will be the guys that might get cut or restructure because of there contracts or declining play or health. Same order as before. The + behind Tolbert Misc Bonus is a $1.5 million option bonus that starts in 2013. + behind TD's Cap Hit is for the $5million option bonus for 2013.

James Anderson: $2,900,000, $1,400,000x3, $100,000w, $4,400,000

DeAngelo Williams: $4,750,000, $3,200,000x3, $250,000w, $8,200,000

Mike Tolbert: $1 million, $400,000x3, $525,000w+, $1,925,000

Chris Gamble: $7,950,000, $1million, $2million, $10,950,000

Thomas Davis: $1million, $1.4million, $1,666,667, $4,066,667+

In James case it looks to be a numbers game at OLB with Beason coming back and TD playing better this season then him. Add the back injury and he could find himself either with a restructred contract or the trading block because $4,400,000 for a backup is just not going to fly. We are to old at this postion and all the young LB's we have are ST players or not starting material. D-Will and Tolbert could be a numbers game at RB. I give D-Will the edge because of he played really strong towards the end of the season and Tolbert wasn't used as well as he should have by Chud. We have a power/receiving back in J-Stew and D-Will is are speed back along with are three young RB's waiting in the wings so I feel keeping D-Will, after a contract restructure, over Tolbert is the best option. Tolbert has a better trade value because of his contract's size compared to D-Wills and trying to trade D-Wills big contract will be almost impossible to do and cutting him will leave us with $9.6million in dead money spread out through 2016. Cutting Tolbert will only cost us $1.2million over the next 3yrs. Gamble is one of the best CB's in the league and should be paid as one, unfortunatly we are paying him that and we can't afford too. A contract restructure and extension would help the team but after 9yrs he's starting show his age. A potential $9 million dollar contract could spell then end of TD's playing career. A $5million 2013 option bonus is a high price to pla for someone whos one wrong plant or twist of his knee to end his season. A total contract overhaul is needed to protect the team from potential cap diaster. A 2yr encentive laiden contract could be in store for TD.

This now leaves 4 big contracts that need restructuring. These 4 players are corner stones of this team and every effort should be made to help make this team better but their contracts are limiting us in this effort. The w+ behind Kalil is his $5million 2013 bonus spread over 4yrs plus his $250,000 workout bonus.

Jon Beason: $5.25million, $4millionx3, $250,000w, $9.5million

Jordan Gross: $8.7million, $1million, $2million, $11.7million

Charles Johnson: $6.75million, $6millionx3, $250,000, $15million

Ryan Kalil: $4.75million, $3.6millionx3, $1.5millionw+, $9.85million

Of the 4 I feel Beason will give us the most trouble. He's coming off to injury mared season and will most likely be asked to move to OLB. If he is unhappy about haveing to move outside contract restructuring could prove difficult and trying to trade him coming off injury will get us little in trade value. Gross has just 2yrs left on his deal so an extension here should be very duable. Big Money and Kraken are 2 of the best in the league. Big Money isn't flashy but is proving to be the quiet leader of are "D". His leadership has grown so much over the past 2yrs that I'd feel bad to ask him to restructure his contract because he earns every bit of that money but in order to keep the Krakan Big Money must become Little Less Money. We saw just how much loseing Kalil did to are "O". Gross is the heart of the "O" but Kalil is the brain. Cam and the rest of the "O" suffered without his guidence. He has seen what having cheap spare parts did to the O-Line so I believe like Big Money and Gross he'll restructure to make his "O" work.

Now this just leaves Steve Smith. Smitty is the living embodement of what a Panther fan or player should be. Asking one of the best players in team history to take a pay cut shouldn't enter anyone's mind. But if asked I believe he would take that pay cut. Hell he's asked the team to find a new #1 WR so he has someone in line to take his place when he does step away from football. If taking that cut helps to find that player he will. He has helped Cam grow so much as a QB that some of the coaches should take pay cuts and filter that money to finding better weapons for Cam.

All contract information I got came from and if any of this info is wrong please help me correct it. Any further info would also be apperciated because I believe the members of CSR are some of the best informed fans in football today. Thank You.

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