Gillette No Debate Contest - Week 7: Who is the most dominant player on the field and in EA's Madden 2013?

Madden 2014 cover? Hm? - Jerry Lai-US PRESSWIRE

Who are the three best players on the field--and in Madden 2013?

This weeks' Gillette No Debate Contest focuses on EA's Madden 2013, and it's most dominant players--while also taking into account their real-life on-the-field resume...

The first nominee is Geno Atkins, DT, Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals 3-technique DT is a monster. He is 6-foot-1, 301lbs--the perfect size for a 4-3 under tackle. Amp it up to All-Madden difficulty and try to run between the tackles against the Cincinnati Bengals. You just can't do it.

Not only is Atkins a terror against the run, he also abuses centers and guards in the passing game, often creating that dreaded interior pressure that exposes your QB to big hits from the edges. You've done it before... the 20 yard drop-back and sack. Against the Bengals, you can thank Atkins for those.

It's very easy to make a case for him with his real-life play. The 24 year-old racked up 53 tackles and lead all 4-3 DTs with 12.5 sacks in 2012.

The next nominee is Von Miller, OLB/PRS, Denver Broncos

Something I've noticed about playing Madden 13 against teams with fast, athletic OLBs is it is very hard to run the ball to the edges. Miller makes it impossible. In games against Miller, he almost always makes double-digit tackles (10 minute quarters), as well as several tackles for loss--and that's just when he's defending the run.

At 6-foot3, 237lbs, Miller is your prototypical speed-rusher. Yet in the passing game, Miller is not fully maximized if you play against a CPU-controlled Broncos team. They do have some formations that allow the SLB to rush the passer, but he is also dropped into coverage way too much in their base 4-3 with the CPU's automated play-calling. With that, a human user is far more dangerous with the Broncos. Even still--regardless of how he's used--Miller always makes a huge impact.

On the field (in real-life for you Madden junkies), the 22 year-old Miller is a nightmare. Finishing the 2012 campaign with 18.5 sacks, 68 tackles and 6 forced fumbles, it appears that his sophomore season was just a preview of what looks to be a tremendous, dare I say "LT-like" career as an OLB/PRS.

The next nominee is Roddy White, WR, Atlanta Falcons.

Roddy White is simply unstoppable in Madden 2013. In using the Carolina Panthers quite a bit, I am privileged to try and defend White twice a season. He and Ryan seem to carve you up no matter what you throw at them. Off-man, press-man, press-zone, off-zone, cover-1, cover-2, cover-3, cover-4, cover-6, zone-blitz--forget about it. White will get his 120+ yards.

With superb route-running and an accurate QB, very few secondaries can matchup with the Falcons' aerial attack. They'll slant you to death until you cheat up and then they'll beat you over the top on a 'slugo,' and the stretch runs and play-action only take you further out of position on Atlanta's receivers.

Meticulously infuriating--that's sure to be your experience when you play against Atlanta's offense.

On the field of life, White is equally as impressive. Since 2007, White has caught at least 83 passes for no less than 1,153 yards... (That's six years in a row now.)

But it's not all about moving the sticks--White can score. In that same six-year span, White has caught no less than six TD passes, and is averaging 8.17 scores per season. At just 31, (over eight seasons) White has 622 career receptions for 8,725 yards and 52 TDs.

There they are ladies and gentlemen: your Gillette No Debate Contest Week 7 Nominees. Vote in the poll to choose a winner, or give us your nominee in the comments section. Thanks!

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