Panthers QB Cam Newton Gets A Haircut For Charity

Whether it's on or off the field, Panthers QB Cam Newton gives fans plenty of reasons to smile. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Cam Newton, the Panthers' second year sensation at QB, had the mini-afro he had been sporting since the end of last season trimmed just in time for the team's 2012 season opener against the Buccaneers in Tampa on Sunday.

But, like all things Cam - it wasn't just an ordinary haircut.

The following is an excerpt from the budding superstar's Facebook page that explains his motivation for growing out his hair over the off-season and cutting it all off before the start of this season:

Some of you might have noticed my hair got a bit longer in the off season. I hadn’t cut it since the last game of last season, and that day marked a new phase in the mission to get better. The daily growth was a reminder of the need to stay steady and consistent. Now that I just got faded up and the beginning of the 2012 season is now, I’m using this opportunity to help others who may need a boost. I will be donating my hair to Wigs For Kids and also raising money for Carolinas HealthCare System Levine Children’s Hospital to help kids who are battling some serious health issues.

Yes, friends - that's our quarterback. Join me after the jump for a few more thoughts on Cam's act of kindness, or you can just go straight to his foundation to make a donation to The Cam Newton Foundation, you can find the information you need by visiting this link.

Before I get to my thoughts, I just have to ask those out there in the world who still find a way to hate Cam Newton: How can you still hate this kid? I mean, seriously. What else does he have to do to earn your respect? If you can't respect the guy for donating his hair to a charity that supports kids with life-threatening illnesses, then there's something wrong with your soul. I'm sorry if that's being too harsh or judgmental, but as our old friend John Fox would say - it is what it is.

I find this as another example of what a fine human being Cam is, as he's showing us yet again that he truly "gets it". Whether it's spending time with kids at the hospital, participating in a football camp, giving away footballs to kids at games, or donating his hair for charity; Cam Newton gives the perfect example of what it means to be a Carolina Panther - a kind, caring individual who always gives back to the community that supports him.

Not only is it a great way to give back to the community, but it's also a sign of how he looks at his performance on the field. He wants to grow as a professional quarterback every single day, and you can tell by his dedication to his craft that the season never ends for Cam. We've seen the results of his hard work on the field, as his footwork and accuracy have improved from last year to this year by leaps and bounds, and sophomore slump be darned - he's on the verge of having a great year for the Panthers, despite what all the "experts" may say or think.

While it's exciting to see Cam do this thing on the field, and believe me - there's few things more exciting than to see Cam run wild over an opposing defense, there's much more to him than his football prowess that impress me. He can set all sorts of records on the football field, and he can continue on his way to being one of the most dynamic football players in the NFL; but it's things like donating his time - and his hair - to charity that make me proud to say that Cam Newton is my quarterback. Of course, it's nice that he's actually a good player, but the fact that he's a good human being means more to me than anything he could ever do on the field (and yes, that includes winning the Super Bowl).

We're truly lucky to have such a fine young man as our franchise player, Panthers fans, and all the great things he does on the field are just the icing on the cake. It's comforting to know that we have the quarterback position settled for the next decade or more, and the fact that he wants to be a part of the Charlotte community is even more refreshing. The only thing we have left to do as fans is to take Cam's advice: just sit back and watch the show.

I know I'll be watching, and like most - if not all - of you, I'll be rooting him on every Sunday afternoon. But, I'll also be rooting him on when he does things like donating his hair to charity, because those are the things that really deserve our praise.

I'm just glad I have a quarterback who understands that.

If you would like to join the cause and donate to The Cam Newton Foundation, you can find the information you need by visiting this link.

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