Carolina Panthers Monday Morning Optimist? 9/27/12

This is the only photo that made me smile. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

The question mark is all important here folks. Late Thursday I thought "sit on it for 24 hrs, and then try"... nothing happened. So I thought again, "why don't you watch the game again, and see what you can pull out of it?"... and then I went into a coma.

Sometime during watching Thursday's putrid spectacle again my body screamed "NO MORE!" and rejected the mess I was cramming through my eye sockets. To preserve my sanity my body shut itself down, going into its fight mode, and I woke up sometime later than evening with no memory of who I was, and luckily no memory of the Panthers game against the Giants. During my rehabilitation the doctors decided I needed to be eased back into Thursday's game, given it was my last memory. It was their belief that taking in another replay would likely kill me in my fragile state, so they mined my Twitter account to jolt my memory. Here is what they found.

8:51 PM

Don't hate Norman going for a huge hit there given Wilson's fumble-itis #Panthers

The Panthers were down, but I was still hopeful. No huge issues here, and I gave some praise to the rookie for his toughness.

8:52 PM


Kuechly reads a swing pass well, and diffuses the play. This is also Kubler-Ross model stage one: Denial

More after the jump

9:07 PM


Now here is where things started to go bad.

9:13 PM

Panthers are consistently awful on national TV. Why the heck am I surprised?

Madness was setting in. I think in the Kuber-Loss model, this stage could be bargaining. At least that was what was going through my mind.

9:19 PM

Garry Williams sucked out loud all through camp, and then again in preseason. Why is he blocking JPP again?

I buck the trend and head back to stage two– anger. Seriously though, why the heck was Garry Williams flailing around out there instead of giving Bruce Campbell a shot?

9:27 PM

At this rate I can tweet the MMO in 140

"It took one half to find out who the Panthers are: They're simply not good. Newspaper ads aren't impressive when surrounded with L's"

That pretty much sums up my feelings heading into the half.

9:32 PM

If I'm Josh Norman, I'm probably not jumping around celebrating the one time I didn't get steamrolled tonight

Honeymoon = over. I was seriously annoyed he was celebrating the one time he didn't look foolish. We call that the 'Charles Godfrey special'

9:44 PM

Well, this is going swimmingly! hey @TheJackFinney: Do I have to write an MMO? I think I might have an aneurysm if I try

I reached out for help from Jaxon... but to no avail.

9:50 PM

Good news for the Panthers: It can only get better!

Bad news: The Giants aren't nearly playing at their best

I managed to cling to some shred of hope during halftime.

10:06 PM



10:32 PM

Frank Alexander NEEDS to start. He's been the better lineman across from CJ for a while now.

At least give him a shot. Maybe he only excels when coming in as a sub (we've seen this before), but the rookie plays a role every times he's on the field, like Thomas Keiser– except he's got the size to be a three down lineman.

10:43 PM

This is why we can't have nice things

Following Joe Adams' second fumble.

10:49 PM

Bright side: We have 10 days before being tortured again! #panthers

Boy oh boy, do I need a break from Panthers football too.

10:53 PM

Remember that time when Kalil took out an ad, and everyone was excited? I want to live in that bubble.

Curse that ad...

11:10 PM

It's never about losing folks, it's about HOW you lose. This was not good, not even close. Litmus test game, and it was an abject failure

This was the game all week we said would 'tell us the nature of the Panthers', and yep... we got shown it.

11:13 PM

It's been a long time since I was literally laughing during a game, but I'm laughing

Okay, so maybe this was Adams' second fumble.

11:19 PM

More dissapointing: The Panthers tonight, or David Carr not wearing gloves? #MoonlightHandModel?

Not rain, nor sleet, nor terrible game will stop me taking a shot at David Carr.

11:24 PM

Okay, enough 'woe is us' tweets

Panthers were young, over-confident, facing the Superbowl champs on a short week. How should this have gone? Simply not in the Giants class

That's all she wrote. I'll see you next week.


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