CSR League 2: Trash Talk Tuesday

Hello fellow CSR 2 league members,

It's your resident fantasy football guru LimeyPanther here. What right do you have to call yourself a guru Limey you ask? Well my hundred percent record says it's fine (combined with the likes of NFL.coms Jason Smith calling himself a guru..... if that tom fool can call himself a guru then we all can). Im here to bring you a round up of the weeks events in CSR league 2, maybe not as colourfully as Oi2 but i'll give it my best

Follow me.... after the jump (See Oi2, puttting a jump into a fanpost is as easy as beating AE for QB 3.... oh wait)

Lets start things off there shall we, where undefeated Crazy 88's went up against undefeated AE for QB 3 in a division one grudge match. Well in all honesty it was less of a grudge match and more as a spanking.....

Crazy 88's 77.66 vs AE for QB 3 125.02..... ouch. Steven Hill... no points, thus proving the theory that you should'nt rush in for a week one hot prospect. Oi2 boldly delaced all hail the king last week, well the king is dead.... Long live the new king (of divison 1 at least) AE for QB 3.

Next up with have the other division one team 'Camdabatteringram' up against yours truely's Limey's Redcoats. The results were predictable. Cam.etc needed Manning and the bronco's defence to have the games of their lives..... whoops. Final Score....

CamDaBatteringRam 72.14 vs Limey's Redcoats 108.40.... whose's next biatches??!!!

Moving on from my supreme brilliance we have the next match up. A license to Kalil had been one of the consensus favourites at the start of the season but they were going up against Dakota... supposed best team in our league. Who would be right? Us or Yahoo.....

Yahoo...A license to Kalil 82.74 vs Dakota 113.86... congrats Dakota on maintaining your hundred percent record.

Next up the Storming 'Greg Olsen Twins' continued there excellent form by beating Division 2 minnows 'Try to catch 89' The Olsen twins are looking good (and the Greg Olsen Twins are making a statement with their high scoring ways)

Final score Try to Catch 89 103.70 VS The greg Olsen Twins 114.84

Next up was 4th and 20 vs My step Dad. A close fought affair that eventually saw $th take the win and ALAC's My step dad slump to 0-2. 4th and 20 keep themselves in the hunt behind the hot Olsen twins in division three with a 1-1 record.

The final game is my 'squeak of the week' - the closest game this week, ultimatley won by less than 5 points. It was Out of bounds vs The Queen City Catz. The catz had been talked up as a contender but have now lost both games so far as Out of Bounds squeaked the win.

Final Score Out of Bounds 89.24 vs Queen City Catz 84.86... The catz losing due to Larry Fitz very poor showing.

Thats it from me folks. Let the trash talk begin, dont let me down now...

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