NFL Bizzarro 2012

The first two weeks of the NFL season thus far have been about as unpredictable and strange as it gets. Here's a quick recap in case you haven't been keeping score:

  • The Panthers get smashed by the Bucs (with 10 rushing yards total), only to turn around and smash the Saints (with 219 yards rushing) after dropping 4 straight to them.

  • The Super Bowl champs loose to Dallas to start the season, but turn it around against the new look, newly confident Bucs. Dallas in turn gets smashed by Seattle.

  • The Jets score more points than any other team in week one? Then they get brought down to earth by the Steelers.

  • Those same Steelers loose to Peyton Manning in his first start since the 2010 season, only for Peyton to throw 3 picks to the Falcons? In the first quarter???!!!???

  • Pundits fear the Packers season could be lost after they get physically dominated at home by the 49ers. Many had already buried them against the Bears because of the Bears great start, but it was the Packers who did the dominating. I guess it was forgotten that the Bears only looked ferocious after smashing the league's worst team from last year, the Colts, at Soldier field, with a rookie QB starting.

  • Vick has 6 picks in two games, the team has made 9 turnovers total, yet they are 2-0? With the second win comming against the vaunted Baltimore defense? They turned the ball over 3 times in the red zone to the RAVENS, and still won.

  • These same Ravens embarrased the Bengals on Monday Night Football, who were a cough, cough, playoff team from last year.

  • Four rookie QBs get their first win by week two. Griffin, Luck, Wilson, and Tannehill

  • The Cardinals are one of only six teams that are 2-0, but the Saints are 0-2! I'm down with that. Emabarrased at home by a rookie QB in his first start, dominated by Superman aka Ace Boogie aka Killer Cam himself a week later.

Only thing that would make the year stranger is Tebow becomming a real passer (won't happen). At least the Browns and Jags are being constants by starting 0-2. Sounds like there could be enough weird MOJO this season that could make this Panthers season a special one.

Which occurrence has been the most strange to you? I would have enclosed a poll, but that feature seems to have been removed. Mod help? Thanks for reading.

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