Carolina Panthers Vs. New Orleans Saints: Sir Pour's Brew for the Game

Sir Pour

Sir Pour is a cat of the people, and wherever possible he attempts to bring you easy-to-find brews, that go down easily in order to get you through a Sunday afternoon. However, this isn't one of those weeks. Sir Pour is upset following the loss to Tampa Bay, and his feeling now echo those of the organization heading into this weekend.

This isn't a beer for everyone, heck this is a beer for almost no one, but it's apropos nonetheless.

1000 IBU- Mikkeller

The Brewery: Out of Copenhagen, Denmark (sort of) the folks behind Mikkeller are a cooperative of some of the most talented brewers I've ever seen working together without a true, centralized location for their brewery. Instead they operate and office, and a high-end beer bar in Copenhagen, with offshoots in the United Kingdom and United States. If a hipster were a brewery, he'd be Mikkeller.

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The Brew: An 'IBU' is an International Bitterness Unit. It's an attempt to standardize how bitter a beer is across all styles, as a baseline metric. For example, a light lager, one you might find in your typical 24-pack, normally has less than 10 IBUs. A darker beer, like a stout or porter, around 30-50 IBUs. For a particularly hoppy IPA you might see a rating of over 100 IBUs.

The folks at Mikkeller are not lying. This is the most bitter, most syrupy, thick IPA I've ever had the pleasure of drinking. If you're a hophead the 1000 IBUs it packs are a whallop, and wholly enjoyable one.

How it relates to the game: BITTER!!!!!!!!!!

If there's one way to sum up the Panthers right now it's bitterness. They lost a game they should have won, their QB was threatened last year, and the Saints set records against them. Yesterday Jon Beason was on WFNZ, and the salt dripped off his voice talking about this game. This team has a 1000 IBU sized chip on their shoulder.

Where to buy: Good luck with this one. I found Mikkeller 1000 at Bestway in Greensboro, NC– probably the best place in town for beer. You will need a specialty beer shop who have an excellent collection of harder to find brews. At this point this limited run may not have too many left in the wild.

Price Point: Alright... are you sitting down? The price of Mikkeller 1000 IBU is.... Between $13-15 dollars.

For one... single...bottle. Not a large bottle, not a pint bottle, a standard 375ml bottle would cost you near $100 for a six pack. However with something this big and bold, you'd be crazy to drink more than one.

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