'It Came From Panthers Facebook': ZOMG WE LOST TO TEH BUCS edition

An opening week loss is always hard to stomach, especially when expectations for the organization were high. At this point every fan has internalized it in their own way– doubt, disbelief, confidence, and fear have all been exhibited since Sunday evening.

Like all fans I too was searching for solace, so like an comfortable old pair of sneakers I went where all logical, calm-minded Panthers fans do after a game... the Facebook.

Biakabatuka owns a couple Bojangles now.. I say we trade Rivera to Bojangles for him.. but then Bojangles would go out of business..


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The loss was real, and difficult to accept.

My son pee wee team won in double overtime
And they dont get payed if i performed at work the way we did i would be jobless

You named your son 'pee wee team'? That's just a shame.

Its not recap----- its recrap!!!!

Just like the human centipede

500 season coming up if Ur lucky camberly Newton .lmao

Wit isn't something one is born with, but rather cultivated over time like a fine vineyard. This chap showed the comic poise and brilliance to save his razor sharp wit for the perfect time, and unleashed it by going the unexpected route in calling Cam "camberly".... hilarious, utterly hilarious.

Dear panthers all i want is for you to look better than a division 3 highschool team. and i know that there are way more important things than football but you are suppose to be a pleasant distraction from those things and all i do is pay you money to put me in a bad mood each week..... YOU ARE A FACTORY OF SADNESS...... I'll see ya next week

Look gang, I know there are more important things in life, but YOU ARE A FACTORY OF SADNESS THAT IS SUCKING THE ONLY JOY I HAVE OUT OF LIFE.

Deangelo Williams was way off today. I saw a rb in preseason named smith who looked very promising. Would have liked to have seen hin get a shot at a run. We will come back. Dont count us cats out yet! Steve smith, kyle orton, and cam newton had a good effort.. and huge props to our defense for holding them down to only one score. Our red zone defense is phenomenal this year! Remember everyone... "Rome wasn't built in a day"

This guy has the right idea. Kyle Orton looked amazing for the Panthers on Sunday, and that's a positive,

I don't wanna live on this earth anymore...fml

DUDE... RELAX. Just think about how great Kyle Orton played.

are you kidding me they lost? man... i was hoping they where going to win.. sigh......


panthers should be called the east coast raiders..........overated qb....fans who think they have a talented team and get dissappointed year after year after year after year .....and from a football IQ viewpoint....the two most unintelligent teams in the league..........and those of you that wanna argue those points...............when has it ever been any different except the two years we played the easiest schedule in the league......96 and '03

I love.... stream of conciousness writing.... oh hey.... a banana..... I like turtles.... what is a duck anyway?

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