Bucs 16 Panthers 10: Inside the Game Book

We've given you plenty of rhetoric and hyperbole on the Panthers loss to the Bucs. We've listened to post game comments and analyzed the formations. We've questioned a lot. Let's now take a look at some of the not so obvious key stats from the game book and see if we can draw any conclusions from it.

Let's start with the obvious:

  • Turnovers: Panthers 2 Bucs 0 - Though the Panthers kept the Bucs from scoring after those turnovers the damage came from putting Cam on the sideline
  • Time of Possession: Bucs 37 minutes (62%) to Panthers 23 (38%) - This key stat is a direct result of the Bucs being able to run the ball and the Panthers not at all
  • Penalties: Panthers 6 for 65 yards; Bucs 4 for 35 - The difference is the Panthers penalties by the offense negated several good plays
  • 3rd Down Conversion %: Panthers 2 of 10 (20%) to the Bucs 5 for 14 (36%) - It's hard to sustain drives when you can't convert 3rd downs; the low score for the game reflects how sloppy both teams were on 3rd down

We will look a little deeper in the game book...after the jump...

The NFL.com media game books (private link) now have a new feature and that is the total number of plays each player played either on offense, defense or special teams. Here's a summary by position:

  • The Panthers starting offensive line played all 52 (100%) offensive plays (49 plus non-dead ball penalty plays)
  • The WR plays break down: LaFell 52 (100%), Smith 47 (90%), Murphy 39 (75%), Pilares 3 (6%), Edwards 2 (4%) - Anyone surprised LaFell was on the field more than Smitty? You shouldn't as he gets in on short yardage to block
  • RB DeAngelo Williams was in on 21 plays total with 7 touches (33%) 6 carries and 1 reception on 1 target.
  • FB Mike Tolbert was in on 34 plays of 52 total (65%) with 4 touches (12%); 1 rush and 3 receptions on 3 targets
  • TE Greg Olsen was in on 50 of 52 plays and Gary Barnidge was in on 8 plays (15%)
  • On defense, the following players were in all 67 defensive snaps: CB Gamble, FS Nakamura, SS Godfrey
  • LB Jon Beason missed one play 66 of 67; Anderson 55 (82%); Kuechly 46 (69%); Davis 12 (18%) - I could have sworn TD was out there more than that; my assumption is we drop a LB when we go to the nickel
  • The DT rotation was led by Dwan Edwards 50 plays (75%); Ron Edwards 40 plays for 60% and Frank Kearse 32 (48%) - Sione Fua was inactive; Boy we put Dwan to work right out of the gate and he looks up to the task
  • CB Captain Munnerlyn played 35 snaps (48%) while Josh Norman played 49 (73%) - Outside of an early PI call that was ticky tack to say the least the kid played pretty good
  • The situational pass rushers getting action were DE Frank Alexander 31 (46%) and DE/LB Antwan Applewhite 18 snaps (27%) - Big Frank had two passes knocked down early in his limited appearances
  • Four players played all 18 special teams plays: Phillips, Jones, Senn & Onatolu
  • The following is the top three players in total snaps across all three phases: FS Nakamura 81, Gamble & Godfrey 72
  • The best defensive stat line belongs to DE Greg Hardy who has 8 combined tackles, 1 sack, 2 tackles for loss and a QB hurry. Hopefully the Kraken has finally awakened
Back to the regular stats:
  • Yards per Carry: Bucs 3.6 Panthers .8 - Beyond the Panthers dismal performance 3.6 for the D is an improvement from last season
  • Yards per Pass Play: 8.1 for Panthers vs Buc 4.9 - This stat shows the criticism of Cam might be a little off base as James Dator pointed out.
  • PR Joe Adams averaged 9.1 yards per punt return on 3 returns - A nice opening performance by the rookie
  • Red zone efficiency - Panthers 0-1; Bucs 1 for 3 - Neither did well in a game with only 2 TDs
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