Some good waiver claim & signing targets

It's a shame that you can't claim waivered players and just add them to the Practice Squad, but they have to be signed to the active roster.

QB Josh Johnson (6' 3", 205) has a strong arm, and is a very fast runner. He would be a much better fit in the Panthers system than Clausen. Sign Johnson and cut Clausen.

The cuts only included 2 to 4 good pass rushers, so here they are:

OLB Sammy Brown (6' 1 7/8", 242, 33 7/8 inch arms, and 9 1/2 inch hands) is a JUCO tranfer out of Houston is a UDFA, and cut by the Rams. In his 2 years at Houston, he had 21 sacks, and 50 TFL's. In 2011 (2010), he had 93 tackles (76), 30 TFL's (20), and 13.5 sacks (7.5). He injured his hamstring at his Pro Day, but still ran a 4.63-40, with 20 bench reps, a 37 inch vertical jump, a 10' 3" broad jump, a 7.13-3 cone drill, and a 4.47-20 yard shuttle. He would be a great backup SLB, who would improve the pass rush.

DE/OLB Cam Johnson (6' 3 1/2", 268, 33 inch arms, and 9 inch hands) of Virginia was the 49ers #237th pick this year, who has a knee injury. His Combine numbers were rather average, an "offical" 4.81-40, "unofficially" a 4.75-40, a 1.66-10 yard split, a 35 inch vertical jump, a 9'7" broad jump, a 7.20-3 cone drill, and a 4.38-20 yard shuttle. His best season was in 2010, but his numbers declined in (2011), 53 tackles (30), 30 solo (15), 14.4 TFL's (11), and 6.5 sacks (4). The Panthers could claim him, cutting Applewhite (with the understanding they will re-sign him after the 1st game, an put Johnson on IR with his knee, but that's risky.

DE Cordarro Law (6' 2", 261) of Southern Miss, was a UDFA signing, cut by the Seahawks. He ran a 4.64-40, and in 2011 had 64 tackles, 22 TFL's, with 9.5 sacks. I believe he has the 3rd most risk.

DE/DT Brett Roy (6' 2 7/8", 275, 32 3/4 inch arms, and 9 3/8 inch hands) of Nevada, was a Jets UDFA, who they tried to convert into a LB. In 2011 he had 66 tackles, 37 solo, 18.5 TFL's, 10 sacks, and 6 passes defended. His Combine numbers weren't very good, an "official" 5.07-40, A Pro Day 4.86-40, 32 bench reps, a 30.5 inch vertical jump, a 9'0" broad jump, a 7.31-3 cone drill, and a 4.62-20 yard shuttle. He lacks the size for DT, and the speed for a DE or LB in the NFL.

I hope the Panthers can find a good veteran CB, but if they can't Neiko Thorpe might be a good pick up.

FS/CB Neiko Thorpe (6' 1 1/4", 198, 31 3/4 inch arms, and 10 1/8 inch hands) of Auburn was a UDFA signing, cut by the Chiefs. On his Pro Day, he ran a 4.40-40, a 1.55-10 yard split, a 38 inch vertical jump, an 11'5" broad jump, a 7.13-3 cone drill, and a 4.01-20 yard shuttle.

I would still like to see the Panthers sign 2 players signed to the Practice Squad, Nick Mondek and Jameson Konz.

OT/OG Nick Mondek (6' 5 3/4", 304, 33 3/8 inch arms, and 9 1/4 inch hands) of Purdue was the #195 pick of the Texans this year, but cut. He had a Bruce Campbell like Pro Day workout, a 4.84-40, an outstanding 1.59-10 yard split, 30 bench reps, a 28.5 inch vertical jump, a 9'2" broad jump, a 7.30-3 cone drill, and a 4.55-20 yard shuttle. His arms are just long enough for an OT, but might be better as a pulling OG. I doubt he clears waivers, so I wouldn't mind seeing the Panthers claim him, and cut Byers.

LB/DE/S/WR/TE/FB James Konz (6'3 1/2", 234) was the #245 pick of the Seahawks in 2010, but spent his first 2 years on IR, and now might be facing a 3rd such season if he re-signs with the Seahawks. He's a physical freek, running a 4.38-40 on his Pro Day, with a 46 inch vertical jump, a 10'8" broad jump, a 6.93-3 cone drill, and a 4.25-20 yard shuttle. I believe it's worth signing him to the minimum (or a little more) salary, because he could become another TD.

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