Some of my thoughts from Fan Fest

1. Luke Kuechly is under hyped. It is only training camp and yes he is getting hype about him being a good linebacker, but I seen signs of flashes today that amazed me. The kid looks like a Ray Lewis out there he sniffed out plays. That is not just today but all of camp, I have heard nothing but how great he has looked from friends that went to camp in Spratanburg and the media. I can not wait to see what he does on the field.

2. Cam is Cam. He zipped a ball during the two min drill that amazed. Through defenders into the back of the endzone. My memory is a little blurry on who it was too, I think Louis Murphy. But I was amazed how much zip was on that ball for a 5-10 yard pass. Watching him have fun and being almost like a kid enjoying every moment was truly a sight to treasure. The best moment was the Cam chants at the end of practice, I walked away today with a great feeling that there is no way Cam is leaving once his contract is up. You can tell he is loving it, the attention and how much he already means to this franchise only into his second year.

3. Captain Munnerlyn... well he started off absolutely ugly, on 1 on 1's. Cap was getting man handled almost by very young and inexperienced receivers, I was highly disappointed but I still admire he doesn't give up but on one play Cap came up limping after a receiver cut and flew by him for a deep ball. It was hard to watch at times. But he did make some solid plays as practice went on. But not like he should, if he wants to battle for the 2nd spot.

4. Mare vs. Medlock, a complete toss up still in my opinion. I think in the end Medlock will win because of the stronger leg, hes youngers and will cost less. We will have to take a hit from Mare's contract but I think its something the Panthers will accept to get a better kicker for cheap (in my opinion). Mare did have an awfully ugly kick where he missed about a 50 yarder about 10+ yards short. He was boo'd of course. Also Mare did have another kicked blocked today. It wasn't really his fault, R.j Stanford exploded into the backfield to block that kick, also that was because of a missed block.

5. Lafells made some good catched and ran great routes, I believe the number 2 spot is truly locked up and I am a BIG Gettis fan ever since we drafted him in the 6th. But I don't think theres anyway he or any other reciever is taking Lafells spot, I just have a feeling hes gonna break out this season.

6. Jimmy, made very solid throws on 1 on 1's, an excellent deep ball to Darvin Adams (Cam's former WR at Auburn). But dear god to me he still looked scared once put in for scrimmages and 7 on 7s. I lost count on check downs, its better than nothing but he looked like he looked at his first option then automatically throwing to the back. I am starting to lose the little faith I had in him to be Cam's backup. I hated the pick when we drafted him, I was never a fan of him at ND. In fact I have never been a fan of ND, to me they are like the Cowboys overrated and gets to much attention.

7. Panther's WR corps is going to be hard to cut down to 5-7. I doubt they will carry 7 WRs, maybe 6 at most but man its going to be hard to cut them down to that. I am glad I am not the guy for that job. Alll the WRs are showing signs of being good recievers. Pilares showed good hands, route running and explosiveness. Seyi Ajirotutu looks like a very solid reciever as well. He made some great plays today. Even Darvin Adams made great plays, he was on the end of most of the highlight plays today. Louis Murphy is fast, quick, and ok routes, and good hands. I really think he has great potential, just think he has to work on his routes a little more but that will come in time. Then Jared Green. Everyone knows about his background I hope. Darrell Green's son. Yes THE Darrell Green, I had to explain Jared to a couple people today. Near the end of 11 on 11 scrimmages Nate Ness (Guy who Panthers picked up off of cutting Otah.) picked off Jimmy in the endzone and ran it back and when he was around on the opposite 30, Jared Green exploded down the field like he was shot out of a cannon. Green looked like he was walking down Ness from being 20-30 yards behind him and if he didn't stumbled at the end, he would of brought down Ness. All 22,000 were ready to exploded, even though everyone was amazed at how easy he caught up to Ness. But all in all Ness had an outstanding day, he was all over the field in a very positive way.

8. I am a huge Josh Norman fan and literally jumped and cheered, almost like a small child, when we drafted him. But I was highly dissapointed that he did not practice today. I know he has a hamstring injury but I think if he can't get on the field soon, he is possible gonna fall from the depth chart from the possible 2 to maybe even as low as 5th. The corners are looking pretty nice, especially Darius Butler. The Pats made a horrible choice in cutting him last season. Butler has cleared from the pack to be the 2nd CB. R.J Stanford made some very solid plays today on the ball and covered nicely.

9. Amini Silatolu, He looks like a brick wall out there. This kid is huge and didn't disappoint. I didn't pay much attention to the Line pay because I am feeling good about the line and it is one of my least worries. But one guy who did stick out to me was Frank Alexander, he made some great moves getting around guys now and then and looks like a Peppers honestly being 270. The disappointment on the line that I couldn't help to notice was Bruce Campell. Each time I seen someone get beat it always seemed to be him. But like I said I didn't pay much attention there, but did pick out what stood out. I didn't "nick and pick" at the one on one line play, like I did last year.

10. Charles Johnson looked godly out of shape, My buddy pointed this out to me early during practice and I was diappointed, really hope he turned that around and Greg Hardy looked to be in great shape.

Anyways this was some key points I picked up during fan fest. I am sorry if some was hard to follow, run together and stuff. But I am tired and just now got time to write in my thoughts about fan fest at almost 2am. lol. I spent most of the day thinking about practice so I wouldn't forget to share my thoughts. I may of forgot to write a couple, more but I will gladly answer any questions, some may have about other players during camp. I tried to spread my attention amoung 70 players as equally as possible other than when I was proving some "know it all fan" sitting in front of me. I eventually proved him wrong so many times, I believe he got embarrassed and finally moved lol.

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