Carolina Panthers– Cut to 53 Open Thread

This is the moment of truth for Jimmy Clausen and others. Mandatory Credit: Jason Bridge-US PRESSWIRE

Here we are. By the end of today we'll know who make up the 2012 Carolina Panthers, and which players will be left to search for greener pastures. Teams have until 9PM EDT to submit their cuts to the league office, though this is more a battle against East-Coast bias, than teams on the Atlantic really needing that long to make their decisions.

The advent of Twitter has changed the complexion of cut day. Eric Norwood announced his own departure from the organization earlier in the week, and I expect we'll get several of the 22 cuts made public over the service today. So stay here, kick back, and relax while we keep you updated with all the cuts as they happen.

On Monday it was the aforementioned Norwood who was arguably the most surprising cut, but there's a chance he could be joined by another four members of his 2010 draft class with Jimmy Clausen, Armanti Edwards, Jordan Pugh, and R.J. Stanford all in tenuous positions. This could potentially leave the Panthers with just three of their draft picks two-years removed; anyone need any more evidence why a lame-duck season isn't a good idea?

2:36 PM- OT Matt Reynolds, and LB David Nixon have been cut, per Jason LaCanfora

- There's a good chance Reynolds returns to the PS.

2:34 PM- R.J. Stanford has been cut, according to his agent

- Keep an eye on the CB situation closely, because several talented guys were cut from other teams. Also, Darius Butler could remain on the roster as the final CB.

2:27 PM- WR Seyi Ajirotutu has been cut, per Joe Person

- Thankfully we haven't all taken crazy pills! This likely means Armanti Edwards will remain a member of the Carolina Panthers at least until David Gettis can come off the PUP list. Oh, and as a sidebar: If the dude who emailed me incessently, berating me every time I said anything negative about Tutu is reading this– go %&$^ yourself.

12:41 PM- LB Kion Wilson has been cut, per Pro Football Talk

- No surprise here. When it came to the linebackers he was arguably the odd man out, and worst of the guys left.

12:35 PM- DT Ogemdi Nwagbuo has been cut, according to his Twitter account

- This was always going to be a heavy cut day for defense. Given the Panthers have several DE's who can rotate inside as needed, this isn't a huge shock.

12:30 PM- DE Ryan Van Bergen has been cut, according to his Twitter account

- No real surprise here, as it was unlikely he'd make the 53. There is a chance he could be brought back to the PS

This is now an open thread!

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