My Top-Ten Pre-Season Standouts Through Week 3

Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday morning so far, I know I am. I'm not the type to usually post things on here, other than the occasional comment. I'm more of a reader than a poster, but I thought I'd give it a shot.

Here are ten players that I have been impressed with after the first 3 pre-season games:

  1. DE - Keiser: He is tied with the league-lead in sacks this pre-season, is he not? Against second and third stringers or not, this guy gives it his all every play he's on the field.
  2. K - Medlock: Yes, a kicker impressed me. Mainly because of how bad his stints with both the Chiefs and the Rams went a few years back, but he has bounced back nicely in Canada, and I am ecstatic that he was able to win the job out-right over Mare.
  3. QB - Newton: He's our franchise quarter-back, and we all sit on the edge of our seats when he starts to scramble. I, however, have been more impressed with his decision making thus far, as well as his mechanics. I haven't seen him throw off his back foot all pre-season, if someone else has, please correct me.
  4. WR - Murphy: I'll admit, I wasn't really expecting him to come in and light it up. While he hasn't exactly lit anything up, he's miles ahead of Tutu-whatever-his-name-is. If Murphy doesn't make the squad, I'll have to question our coaching staff. I'm okay if Tutu-whatever-his-name-is makes it, so long Murphy does.
  • LB - Kuechly: I don't think this one needs any description. He is what I think most of us thought he was going to be; a tackling machine. He is always around the ball, and when he misses a tackle, he gets up and finishes the job.
  • LB - Phillips: While he isn't the flashiest of players, and I'd still prefer Beast to be in the middle, Phillips has proven that he is no push-over. As far as back-ups are concerned, there is almost no drop-off with him on the field.
  • TE - Barnidge: The man is stout. It'll take more than one defender to take him down when he has the ball in his hands, and that's not a bad thing.
  • DE - Alexander/Applewhite: These two, while not the most dominate of players, are still two players I'm excited to watch. Our DE rotation should be good with these two and Keiser able to spell CJ and Hardy.
  • C - Kalil: That super-bowl ad gave me goosebumps. It helps that he's also one of the league-best at his position.
  • LB DAVIS: After only one game, and a few plays at that, I can say that Davis made an impact when he was on the field against the Jets. Can't wait to see him play more this season. Good to have him back!
  • These are obviously in no particular order, that being said, thoughts?

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