"It Came From Panthers Facebook!!!!!" The Post-Cuts Edition

Roster moves are a special time where fans are ready to vent, and looking to chamizarate with like-minded individuals. Bless our bretheren for fighting the good fight today, and trying to get many see reason, but for our amusement there was a heavy dose of pure, unadulterated 'derp'.

We'll start with today's announcement about the kicker/punter cuts:

The Panthers have released K Olindo Mare and P Nick Harris. The team has also placed WR David Gettis on the PUP list and CB Brandon Hogan on Injured Reserve.

Choice response 1:

Cut clausen next. And gamble. And that will help with bills. Make we can get a good wr next year!

Make we can good sir... make we can. Clausen is a standard target, but I can't believe we still have people wanting to cut our #1 corner, who happened to be one of the best in the league in 2011.

Choice response 2:

Anybody opposed to picking up Wes Welker??? How can I get to Mr. Richardson???!!!

NO!! I HATE THE IDEA OF PICKING UP ONE OF BEST WIDE RECEIVERS IN THE NFL!!!!!!!!!! wait... he's not available? awwwwwwwwwww

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Choice response 3:

No kasay didn't retire we traded him fer shocky and he killed last year fer them he is the reason we lost the first game to new Orleans last year I think he only missed 3 all year

Remember that time we traded an aging kicker for a tight end? Me either

Choice response 4:

I will say this though.. I remember when the Panthers were looking at Russel Wilson. I would have taken Wilson on the spot! Wilson is over in Seattle now if you don't know, doing his thing. He's looking very good. I'd have taken him as a strong 2nd.. Even brought him in as a HB or in a Wildcat situation. Newton can run. Wilson can run. Newton can throw. Wilson can throw. Newton can ALSO catch (if you didn't know) like he's been doing it his whole life, and with his incredible size 6 foot 6 and 250 pounds, he's very hard to bring down. It takes Newton just about 2.2 seconds to break a tackle, regain balance and reach a speed of 22mph. You either tackle him.. Or he's gone. Or.. You get run over. Defensive coordinators wouldn't know what to do with a package like that. That would have been one helluvah 1-2 punch.

Roster building- Tecmo Bowl style... if you don't know

Choice response 5:

Kasey will come back to the panthers and retire.shoulda kept rb smith,cut lafelle and Edwards..

Stupid Panthers... why don't they cut Brandon LaFell so 4th RB Armond Smith could have his spot?! Wait... they're both on the team? Carry on then

Choice response 6:

Arent Beason and Davis both pretty much liabilities for this team?

Cut them.... CUT THEM ALLL!!! Last night before the game I watched the Madden Pro-Am, and let me tell you who wouldn't be liabilities:

1. St. Nickolas Jonas (He won the MVP if you didn't know!)

2. Ne Yo Yo Ma

3. Denven McNarb

4. Brent Farverer

5. Dug Floot

Sign those 5, trade Steve Smith for Russel Westbrook-Wilson and we have a TEAM!

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