CSR Fantasy Quarterback Rankings Review

As a follow-up to my post asking if Cam Newton is worthy of a 1st round fantasy draft pick (Yes), I thought I would go ahead and put my fantasy QB rankings out there. ESPN has a neat tool for developing your own position rankings for which I used to do this.

In my rankings I have Cam Newton number four overall behind only Rodgers, Brees and Brady in that order. The comparison ranking I agrees with my top 3 but they have Newton at #12. Now first I must explain the comparison rankings are not fantasy rankings but overall QB rankings so that does impact rankings. I find it interesting that at #12 based on a fan poll average it puts Newton higher than most pundits who rank Newton in the high teens or low 20's.

QB Rankings: Fan Poll Avg vs. Jaxon

Average Ranking

Jaxon's Rankings

1.Aaron Rodgers

1.Aaron Rodgers

2.Tom Brady

2.Drew Brees

3.Drew Brees

3.Tom Brady

4.Eli Manning

4.Cam Newton

5.Peyton Manning

5.Philip Rivers

6.Ben Roethlisberger

6.Tony Romo

7.Matthew Stafford

7.Matt Ryan

8.Philip Rivers

8.Peyton Manning

9.Matt Ryan

9.Matthew Stafford

10.Michael Vick

10.Ben Roethlisberger

11.Tony Romo

11.Jay Cutler

12.Cam Newton

12.Michael Vick

13.Matt Schaub

13.Eli Manning

14.Jay Cutler

14.Andy Dalton

15.Joe Flacco

15.Matt Schaub

16.Andy Dalton

16.Sam Bradford

17.Alex Smith

17.Ryan Fitzpatrick

18.Sam Bradford

18.Joe Flacco

19.Andrew Luck

19.Josh Freeman

20.Josh Freeman

20.Matt Cassel

21.Carson Palmer

21.Carson Palmer

22.Matt Cassel

22.Andrew Luck

23.Ryan Fitzpatrick

23.Robert Griffin III

24.Robert Griffin III

24.Alex Smith

25.Mark Sanchez

25.John Skelton

26.Matt Flynn

26.Russell Wilson

27.Jake Locker

27.Christian Ponder

28.Christian Ponder

28.Ryan Tannehill

29.Russell Wilson

29.Mark Sanchez

30.Ryan Tannehill

30.Blaine Gabbert

31.Kevin Kolb

31.Jake Locker

32.John Skelton

32.Matt Flynn

33.Brandon Weeden

33.Brandon Weeden

34.Blaine Gabbert

34.Kevin Kolb

So what do you think? Is Newton too high?

I would have Peyton Manning higher if I was sure he was 100% healthy but I won't believe it until he plays a whole game. Kevin Kolbs's chicken dance the other night dropped him to #34...I would actually put him below backups Tebow or Derek Anderson.

----------THIS IS THE POST SCRIPT-------------

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