Statistical predictions for this season (Also will give opinions for other stats, that are requested)

So while watching NFL preseason live look in during the Seahawks game, and watching Russell Wilson go off on the Chiefs. Me and a friend had a little fun coming up with season predictions for Russell Wilson and Cam.

We also placed a bet of $50 for whoever was closest at the end of the season. This is another way of saving the content as well share our thoughts and some comedy stats at the end.

Russell Wilson stats:


Passing: 3252 yards, 17 TDs 13 INTs 58 completion %.

Rushing: 528 Yards, 7 TDs, 4.8 yards a carry.


Passing: 3471 yards, 19 TDs 11 INTs 63completion %

Rushing: 649 yards, 6 TDs 5.6 yards a carry

Cam Newton Stats:


Passing: 4,134 yards 23 TDs 10 Ints 64 completion %

Rushing: 875 yards 11 TDs 5.7 yards a carry


Passing: 3694 yards 26 TDs 12 Ints 62 completion %.

Rushing: 748 yards 10 TDs 6.2 yards a carry.

Afterwards I started to throw out random comments about Jimmy's season. So this is my take on Jimmy's season. I was not being serious about these just throwing out random junk for laughs

20 sacks 7 INTs 8 fumbles in next two preseason games. CUT after preseason

205,341 fans booing

68,751 yelling F you Jimmy

306,712 people yelling to cut him

Every football fan questioning why he was drafted and 1 (ME) telling I told you so that he was gonna suck on draft day.

If he makes the team, this will be his stats for the regular season plus playoffs.

16 games plus playoff games of holding the clipboard.

Random stats I threw out there

25% chance Derek Anderson has another meltdown.

125% chance Cam gets laid

200% chance that I wish could have his child

3 billion % chance Jimmy is sitting with the clipboard all season long saying to himself "Damn I wish I could do that"

100% chance another Lion's player will be arrested.

20% chance Chad Johnson is arrested for alleged sexually assault against his wife and 65% chance arrested for a second headbutt.

But to wrap it up with a serious sleeper team pick.

My pick for a sleeper is the Seahawks.

Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoyed reading! We possiblity might do more of these along with the comical stats, and I will post those once we do some more, if you guys want to see more. We will have much more serious ones about Panthers players next time. We are probably going to do one on each of the Panthers players. all 21 starters (since Cam is taken care of) and a couple backups as well.

Also if anyone has anybody or team, division stats/records. We will be glad to give out our opinion on what we think someone or a team will do, so just leave in the comments and be sure to get to it when we do this again probably Sunday before/during/ and after the Panther game.

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