Dolphins vs. Panthers Scoring Drive Analysis

Aug 17, 2012; Charlotte, NC, USA; Carolina Panthers wide receiver Armanti Edwards (14) catches a pass during the second half against the Miami Dolphins at Bank of America Stadium.The Panthers defeated the Dolphins 23-17. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

Continuing our deep dive into the Panthers preseason victory over the Dolphins lets look at the scoring drives and the key plays that led to them.

Scoring Drives:

1. Panthers 1st Qtr with 11:14 on the clock: J.Medlock 49 yd. Field Goal (8 plays -53 yards, 3:46 TOP) 0-3 Panthers

Key Play: Newton hits Olsen down the right side on a corner route for a 27 yard gain to get the Panthers in FG range. Newton led Olsen beautifully who had a good step on the LB.

2. Panthers 1 6:31 J.Stewart 2 yd. run (O.Mare kick) (8-66, 3:12) 0-10 Panthers

Key Plays (2): On 3rd and ten LaFell runs a nice out route to the left good for 25 Yards. Newton had plenty of time and hoisted a nice pass. Three plays later Newton hits a diving Ben Hartsock for 18 yards to the 1 yard line much to the shock of everyone watching. Could Hartsock be yet another weapon for this offense?

3. Panthers 1 1:03 D.Williams 9 yd. pass from C.Newton (J.Medlock kick) (6-80, 3:55) 0-17

Key Plays (2): On a deep pass to Steve Smith the Dolphins corner gets called for interference; it was a slight foul but a foul none the less. The 39 yard penalty gave the Panthers the ball at the 10 yd line. On 2nd and 9 from the 9 Newton hits Williams on the right side and he gets in over the pylon.

4. Dolphins 2 9:36 D.Thomas 1 yd. run (D.Carpenter kick) (15-71, 6:27) 7-17

Key Plays (2): On 3rd down Tanneyhill hits his TE Fuller who snuck in behind Keuchly on a short post for a 20 yd gain. Then on 2nd and goal Tanneyhill hits his other TE Fasano on a short curl route to the one yard line.

5. Panthers 2 0:53 O.Mare 44 yd. Field Goal (6-34, 1:09) 7-20

Key Play - QB Derek Anderson hits WR Keoloha Pilares on a skinny post who then gallops for 32 yards to the 28 yard line

6. Dolphins 3 5:22 D.Carpenter 52 yd. Field Goal (10-55, 4:27) 10-20

Key Play - Matt.Moore pass deep middle to M.Thigpen to CAR 38 for 18 yards . S Pugh late getting over

7. Panthers 4 13:49 J.Medlock 43 yd. Field Goal (13-55, 6:33) 10 23

Key Plays (2) - (Shotgun) J.Clausen pass short right to A.Edwards to MIA 29 for 12 yards; Clausen took a shot on this one; then he hits Edwards again on the out route to the right for another 12 getting the ball to the 28 yd line; Nice throw by Clausen

8. Dolphins 4 3:17 R.Matthews 6 yd. pass from P.Devlin (D.Carpenter kick) (12-86, 4:43) 17 23

Key Plays (2 ) - P.Devlin pass short left to M.Thigpen to MIA 46 for 20 yards; P.Devlin pass short middle to C.Hogan to CAR 22 for 17 yards after LB Nixon blew the tackle before the 1st down marker

I liked the fact Newton was able to spread the ball around to 2 RBs, 2 WR and 2 TE's showing just how versatile this offense is. I thought DeAngelo Williams looked really good but on his cuts to the outside and his pass catching out of the backfield.

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