Analysis of Panthers Performance vs. Texans

The Panthers came out and did not look too good. They had 2 consecutive 3 and outs with the first team. That just won't get it done. Obviously, they were not running their best plays, and the substutions were interesting.

Completely random thoughts not in any particular order, read the entire post please before commenting.

Gary Barnidge did not see any work with the 1st team, but Arijotutu and Hartstock did. (Hartstock as 2nd TE blocking, and Tutu [%] as 3rd WR.) Ron Rivera could be testing different formations- i'll put a [%] to mark possible examples- and evaluating how players on the bubble might do if thrust into a role with some playing time.

Josh Thomas was the nickel back [%] to start, with Darius Butler coming in as the 2nd DB sub . This is also interesting.

More after the jump...

Haruki Nakamura was the starting free safety and alternated series with Sherrod Martin. No one has the edge at this position battle at the moment.Although, my gut says it will be nakamura.

With the 2nd team defense, it was very interesting to see Reggie Smith and Jordan Pugh as Safeties. Jonathan Nelson was the 1st DB in, he played the safety position and Pugh covered the 3rd wr. Much like they tried last year but didn't work.

Tauren Poole looked like he could be the UDFA with the most chance to make the roster.

Thomas Keiser, Armanti Edwards appeared to be last on the depth chart in their position. They could be possible cuts.

Louis Murphy looked solid, and should replace Tutu as the 3rd Wr. Derek Anderson also looked good, but who cares about him.

Jimmy Clausen in March, got a 900,000 bonus for being on the roster. He would've been cut if we were 110 % sure, Anderson would be back this year. We cant go in with only 2 QBS.. don't even think about calling AE's number in this regard.

LUUUUUUKEEEEE. Luke, despite being the OLB, was calling the plays in the huddle instead of Phillips. he was all over the ball, and appeared to be great!! He almost had a knock-out hit near the sideline, but held back after the guy ran out of bounds. looked like a bulldozer.

joe Adams!!! Great run, but remininscient of Armanti's preseasons when he actually caught the ball. We'll see how the PR/KR only not WR turns out. He also had a good run from Jimmy's handoff.

The kicking/punting battle:

Both punters performed great. Nortman hit a 57 with the wind, Harris a 53. Nortman is young, Harris is not. edge goes to our draft pick. Medlock shanked the kickoff resulting in a touchdown runback. But then his next kickoff went deep, and then stopped between the 15-20. Mare did his job, but wasn't given much to do. A 33 yarder is not the same as a 45ish. We'll see how Mare does next week.

Gary Williams came in with 2nd team OL on their 2nd series. Bell played an extra one. He did not do any good for himself and appears to be headed to the waiver wire.

Zack Williams came in to replace Silatolu who looked pretty good, he held his own for the most part.

Roger Allen was the first OG to sub in, he had a penalty for blocking downfield. He has a chance to make the team if he plays well under the lights.

The left side of the OL remains the best for running/pass protection aside from 1 mistake from Jordan gross early in the game. Bruce Campbell, Silatolu, and Gross.

DID WE BLITZ AT ALL. The cornerbacks can't cover, so the linebackers aren't allowed to put pressure on the QB. Yeah, good strategy Mcdermoott. (not), not gonna work, u have to blitz the QB, at least on 3rd down.

3rd down conversions. not good!

Josh Norman and Brandon Hogan sat out, we hope one of them can be influential at CB this year.

Refs cannot continue like this. 3 of 8 had D1 experience. 5 of 8 had less than that. hello!!!

Although, the replays showed they made the right call with the Tutu fumble, they were inexperienced, stunk, and did not know when to call interference.

Worse! They changed the rules regarding replay. This rule change is worse than the kickoff rule change moving it to the 35.

Entertainment purposes, I did not like the in-game purcussion. 1. Danny Morrison, this is not TCU or any other college. There is no band of students, we don't need a band when we have an amazing audio system. 2nd off, if you are going to use a band, than actually let the band play authentic, not add in the music to simulate the band playing

We'll be on Hard Knocks next week, will Chad Johnson be in prison then, will he be on the team, who knows.

Looking for improvements and experimenting with different personnel. That wraps it up.

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