2012 Supplementary Draft: Will the Carolina Panthers Be Interested?

This time last year we had dreams of Janorris Jenkins and Mike Adams throwing their proverbial names in the hat to join the supplemental draft, and we prognosticated about what they could bring to the table in Carolina. As it normally happens, the true prizes that would be available in the supplementary draft wind up withdrawing at the eleventh hour-- leaving us with a less than stellar group of guys who probably wont make it at the next level.

This year's ace could have been Georgia safety Bacarri Rambo, who was rumored to be flirting with the idea of the supplementary draft before electing to pull back and stay another year. This was the same decision Jenkins and Adams made a year ago, and both wound up being 2nd round picks, they made the right choice.

Rather than giving you a breakdown of all the players set to hit the supplementary draft, let's look at just one player, WR Josh Gordon of Baylor; a tall, quick receiver who is being over-hyped to the nines leading up to this process. We'll look more at him...

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Gordon has the size and speed that makes people swoon, and it appears people are already doing so as they loftily compare him to Georgia Tech's Stephen Hill; while some have said he's worth a 2nd or 3rd round pick in the supplementary draft (a truly laughable concept). There's a sucker born every minute, and I have no doubt that some foolish team will fall for the hype, just as the Oakland Raiders did with Terrelle Pryor last year.

In looking at Gordon play he's a dead ringer for a player the Panthers already have on the roster-- David Gettis. Take a player in the Gettis mold and replace his college injuries with off-field issues and you have Josh Gordon.

Following a solid 2010 year where he totaled 714 yards for Baylor, he was dismissed from the team in early 2011 for being arrested for possession of marijuana at a Taco Bell drive though. He left the program and transferred to Utah, where he sat out the 2011 season due to transfer rules. The question with Gordon is "why now?", why decide to turn pro under these conditions? This has prompted some to be concerned there's more to this situation than meets the eye, but I get these sense it's just more of the same issue... immaturity.

What pick is Josh Gordon worth? To the Carolina Panthers, probably none. They're not in a position to take on the one-on-one tutelage needed to help maturate a player with a history of issues like Gordon; especially so closely removed from Dwayne Jarrett. This isn't a situation like Janorris Jenkins where the talent might be worth the risk. Carolina have comparable WR talent that doesn't come with the baggage, and that's why they'll likely pass.

That being said: to some team he'd be worth a 5th or 6th round flier. Anything more than that and they're making a mammoth mistake. Don't expect the Panthers to be active in the supplemental draft this year, as they're far more likely to wait until Spartanburg to see how Gettis, Ajitotutu and the rest battle for that 3rd receiver spot. We're not so far removed from the Panthers rejecting Plaxico Burress' overtures, so why invest a pick in young damaged goods?

The supplementary draft will take place on July 12th

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