53 Man Roster, Featuring Starting 22, and Position Battles among players on Bubble

Quarterback (3) - With only three QB's entering training camp (usually we bring in a rookie QB), it appears Jimmy Clausen will make the team.

Cam Newton, Derek Anderson, Jimmy Clausen.

Running Back(4)- It will be interesting to see how this bubble turns out. Sure locks are DW and JStew. Mike Tolbertwill be the fullback. What about Richie Brockel who played FB/TE last year. What about a #3 HB or can Tolbert fill that role. We will revisit this later in the post. *As well as Tauren Poole.*

Wide Receiver(6)- 15 Wide Receivers enter camp with that number being cut down to 5 or 6.

In the past few years, we have had 6, but only 4 played the position on offense. With the departure of Jeremy Shockey, it appears we will keep 6 WR. Sure locks are Steve Smith, Brandon Lafell, Louis Murphy. David Gettis will make the roster if he his healthy. We'll assume he regains his form during training camp. The last few spots will go to Armanti Edwards, Joe Adams, Pilares, Ayrijotutu, or Jared Green, with the latter being very improbable. The additoin of Louis Murphy essentially removes Ayjirotutu from the battle leaving Pilares as our 5th reciever, and Joe Adams will replace Armanti Edwards. Although Armanti did a great job at PR last year, the Panthers hope Adams will improve the ST.

Tight End(3)- There are two sure locks- Gary Barnidge and Greg Olsen. What will the Panthers do with the third spot. Will it be Brockel, Hartstock, or the undrafted rookie Rosario. In my opinion, Tolbert's skills replace the need for Brockel. Hartstock is worth too much money for a third TE spot, so Rosario makes the team as a possible influence in future years.

Offensive Lineman(9)- The Panthers usually shoot for 8 Offensive Lineman, but with a few relatively inexperienced starters, I think they shoot for more depth, especially in hoping to protect Cam at all costs.

Gross, Silatolu, Kalil, Hangartner, and Bell are the current starters. I see Otah failing his physical in the coming days, but being released by the Panthers in some type of move. As for our Bench, the panthers have 10 OL remaining currently in camp. Bruce Campbell will make the roster as a backup T, Bryant Browning was with us last year and I think he'll be back, Mike Pollak and Garry Williams will be the other 2 more experienced backups for us next year. The Panthers will have to choose between G.Williams or Z.Williams. Although, G.Wiliams is clearly better, is he worth the slightly extra money to be backup to Bell. I believe so, and Z.Williams will be cut, hopefully he goes to the practice squad.

Defensive Lineman(10)- The Panthers usually rotate more at this position, which requires more players. We're looking at 10-11.

At defensive end, sure locks are Charles Johnson, Greg Hardy, and Frank Alexander. On the bubble are Antwan Applewhite, Jyles Tucker, Eric Norwood, and Thomas Keiser.

At defensive tackle, sure locks are Ron Edwards, Terrell McClain, and Sione Fua. On the bubble are Frank Kearse, Andre Neblett, Ogemdi Nwagbuo, and undrafted rookie Nate Chandler from UCLA. Remember, how the Panthers sometime shift the DE inside.

Eric Norwood won't make it out of camp with all the competition. The 4th position will be either Jyles Tucker or Antwan Applewhite. I haven't seen anything from Tucker so I'll just go with Applewhite, and last Keiser makes the roster as well after an impressive rookie campaign.

As for the DT position, which appears to not have good depth, Frank Kearse will make it. I think we let Neblett go after he was suspended for 4 games. I don't know much about Nwagbuo, so I think we get the undrafted rookie Chandler from UCLA, and hope to pick someone up on the waiver wire as other teams cut quality DTs.

Linebacker(6)- Sure locks are Jon Beason, James Anderson, and Luke Kuechly. Thomas Davis and his reduced contract appears to be back in form to be a backup. The Panthers usually keep 6-7 LB's. I think they'll go with 6. The backups will be Jordan Senn, Jason Williams, and Jason Phillips. These three guys got good experience last year starting games, and now they'll be better backups at the same contract price.

Defensive Back(8)-

Sure locks are Chris Gamble. The Panthers come in here with 6 other good backups, but no one that says, "Hey, I'm your Number 2 Cornerback". Darius Butler, Brandon Hogan, Josh Norman, Captain Munnerlyn, and R.J Stanford come in as 5. I think Josh Thomas, a backup from Dallas that only got ST playing time last year, will be the first off the bubble. The Panthers are looking for 3 of 5, and hopefully a waiver wire when teams start cutting players. This is how we acquired Darius Butler. I think Brandon Hogan, Josh Norman, Captain Munnerlyn are these three. Darius Butler will be the player that gets cut if we acquire another CB closer to the season due to mediocre performances.

At the safety position, there is a big battle between Martin and Nakamura. We won't know the outcome until the pads are on and Nakamura is tackling players. 7 Safeties go in trying for 4 spots.

Godfrey is a sure lock. Jordan Pugh appears to be the broken record that never worked during the regular season. He is replaced by Nakamura. Jonathan Nelson and Reggie Smith will be the other backups. Martin is on the last year of his unguaranteed contract. I don't see him staying around if he doesn't get the starting job.

ST(2)- Justin Medlock beats out Olindo Mare

Brad Nortman beats out Harris.

As for the running back position, Tauren Poole is the 3rd RB.

This leaves us with 52 of 53 players. Let's add these players from the cut list-

Unless there are the 2 waiver wire pickups like I mentioned above.

Dont forget JJ Jansen. 53 of 53.

Offense(11)- QB Cam Newton RB Deangelo Williams FB Mike Tolbert WR- Steve Smith, Brandon Lafell, TE- Greg Olsen, OL- Jordan Gross, Amini Silatolu, Ryan Kalil, Geoff Hangartner, Byron Bell

Defense(11)- DL- Charles Johnson, Ron Edwards, Terrell McClain, Greg Hardy LB- James Anderson, Jon Beason, Luke Kuechly, CB- Chris Gamble, Captain Munnerlyn, S- Charles Godfrey, Haruki Nakamura

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