Panther's Names: Ranked in Order of Weirdness

In years past, the Panthers have been famous for haiving players with strange names and this year's roster is no different.

Below is my list of the Panthers predicted 2012-2013 53 man roster ranked in order weirdness, beginning with the least weird. For simplicity, I have used Jaxon's July 23 roster prediction (with the addition of Thomas Davis. I screwd up somewhere, sue me). The names have been divided into 3 levels of weirdness, after the jump..

The Downright Boring:



53. Steve Smith (Sorry Steve)
52. James Anderson
51. Derek Anderson
50. Charles Johnson
49. Jason Williams
48. Thomas Davis
47. Frank Alexander
46. Joe Adams
45. Greg Olsen
44. Ron Edwards
43. Reggie Smith
42. Bruce Campbell
41. Garry Williams (Could be higher, but who spells Gary with two "r"s?)
40. Josh Norman
39. Louis Murphy
38. Jonathan Stewart
37. Cam Newton
36. Charles Godfrey

The Slightly Unusual:

35. Jimmy Clausen
34. Brandon Hogan
33. Frank Kearse
32. Mike Tolbert
31. RJ Stanford
30. Mike Pollack
29. Ben Hartsock
28. Gary Barnidge
27. Chris Gamble
26. Brad Nortman
25. DeAngelo Williams
24. Sherrod Martin
23. Jon Beason
22. Jordan Senn
21. Terell McClain
20. Thomas Keiser
19. Greg Hardy
18. Brandon LaFell
17. Ryan Kalil
16. Bryon Bell

The Downright Bizzare:

15. Darius Butler
14. Jyles Tucker
13. Geoff Hangartner
12. Kenny Onatolu
11. Luke Kuechly
10. Antwan Applewhite
9. Olindo Mare

8. Andre Neblett


7. Lee Ziemba
6. Kehloha Pilares
5. Sione Fua
4. Haruki Nakamura
3. Amini Silatolu
2. Captain Munnerlyn
1. J.J. Jansen

You may be surprised that I have ranked "J.J. Jansen", the name belonging to the Panthers' Long Snapper, as the weirdest on the roster. I urge you to take a closer look at this seemingly conventional name. 2--nfl_large_580_unlimited_medium


If you were to look at J.J. Jansen's birth certificate it would read, "Jeffrey Richard Jansen". The only logical conclusion is that "J.J." derives from the first letter in "Jeffrey", and from the first letter in "Jansen". If you were to say aloud, "J.J. Jansen" you would essentially be saying, "Jefferey Jansen Jansen". If Jansen had even a grain of common sense he would have chosen the nickname J.R. Jansen (Jeffery Richard Jansen). These facts place Jeffery Jansen Jansen at the number one spot on my list.

Please let me know if you disagree with any of my rankings.

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