Do Not Want: Lessened Expectations


@ Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday, September 09 2012 4:15 PM EDT coverage
New Orleans Saints Sunday, September 16 2012 1:00 PM EDT coverage
New York Giants Thursday, September 20 2012 8:20 PM EDT coverage
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Seattle Seahawks Sunday, October 07 2012 4:05 PM EDT coverage
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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday, November 18 2012 1:00 PM EST coverage
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Atlanta Falcons Sunday, December 09 2012 1:00 PM EST coverage
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via < THAT"S US!

Hullo CSR Nation!!!! I begin with an image of great importance...

It's a National Treasure of our own Cat Scratch Reader! We should be proud, as this is tantamount for our legacy. The Panthers will forever be known because of Cam Newton, and Cat Scratch Reader will forever have given America the Do Not Want Dog.

Maybe this will become a series of topics, maybe a one-time thing to get ready for the season, when I'll be writing a great deal more FanPosts... I don't know. I'm very lazy after working all the summer day.

So... Do Not Want: Lessened Expectations.

Let me start this with the expectations of our guides through the treacherous world of sports and the business of sports.



Our friend Knox at Bleacher Report feels that we'll go 8-8.

Losses against Saints, Giants, Falcons, Bears, Broncos, Eagles, Chargers, and Saints.

Those are losses in weeks 2, 3, 4, 8, 10, 12, 15, and 17.

I'll keep my comments short here, but I do want to speak on the Saints games. I refuse to believe that Carolina will lose at home to this team. I will not guarantee a win for any game at BOA, other than this one. Everything is in its right place:

The Carolina Panthers have an intelligent and intellectual coach, who in his second year, has the potential of a greater rise than most other coaches. Especially a coach who's started only two months ago.

The Carolina Panthers have an intelligent and intellectual quarterback, leader, who in his second year, mirrors the coach's situation.

I want to believe at least one of them will figure it out, get their shit together, and lead. Both are just too smart to both fail. We all know of the situation with returning players on defense, and I'll get to that later.

One other important aspect is Bountygate, but again, we all know of this. I won't rag on.

I refuse to believe that Panthers will come into this blind. Without heart. Without desire, knowledge, and reason. You're not dealing with a wide receiver who received a cheap shot, or a quarterback who became game for some rich dumbasses (sorry), or a linebacker who wants to prove to his greatest rival that last season was their time to get them. We were down, injured, confused, and now they are.

Drew Brees is not Jeesus. We all know now from summer interviews that he is ignorant and ill-advised. That is all I'll say on a player that I respect greatly.



Will Brinson of CBSSports believes the Panthers will go 5-11

Let's critique this sumbich.

He makes the mistake of choosing Jon Beason as the Panther's X-Factor rather than Cam Newton (and easily goes the route of talking about Cam's "Sophomore Slump"). Ron Rivera has already learned a great lesson from 2011. Who is backing your star players? We all want someone to back up Steve Smith, and there have been players that we could have reached for, but he wisely choose to shore up our Linebackers. Jon Beason is definitely a factor, but if he falls, Kuechly is there. But if Cam Newton falls or suffers a drop in talent, then we have Derek and Jimmy.

Mr. Brinson points out that Charles Johnson needs some help, and quotes Hardy as the man who must help. He neglects the two returning and recently drafted Linebackers. They will help our run defense greatly.

I might have read over the column too fast, but I hardly saw anything about the secondary. A shout out to the heroic Chris Gamble. Nothing else. I wouldn't be worried about our front seven, but he chooses to instill this fear on his readers rather than the greater one in our safeties. Maybe not a great amount of NFL fans, but some will read this and find themselves disappointed when they see the real problem. The cause of expectations come out of this; when you're told to expect only portions of the team. How can you expect a bad secondary if you weren't forewarned?



Okay, enough of outsiders. I began with this community, so I want to end it here.


You cannot go into this season doubting, crying, puzzling, or hating. The Panthers are the Panthers. Good God, we've heard that for the past decade. We are who we are. It is what it is. We SHOULD know this. What comes will come. And what comes will be what it'll be. It'll shine when it shines, it'll die when it dies.

I read many comments banging on the Linebackers, banging on Hurney, banging on Byron Bell. Everyone is allowed to get into a community, experience it to its greatest extent, no matter of opinion or debate. But do you place that community higher than the very reason everyone's gathered? I'm not hating on Cat Scratch Reader, and please kill this before it spreads. I'm talking of people here and their expectations. Do you want to ruin the season before it has began? Did you spend the past six months waiting for your prophetic failure? I believe this team to be a great part of everyone's lives, and it makes me sense to embrace the movement than to critique it. There are people paid to do that, to be ignorant.

The Carolina Panthers haven't taken the field and people worry about injuries, players, and positions. There's a lot left at the wayside that can be enjoyed (Tim Tebow Returning Punts? Jeremy Shockey To Eagles? Deangelo Williams Philosophizing On Facebook?*)

* A note on this: D-Will was on Facebook asking people about the Aurora, CA ordeal, paralleling it to "Kasey" Anthony... and I can't say he wrote it intelligibly. A lot of internet speak in it. So he got many people confused, and some argued his point. They would say he's wrong, etc, and he would comment a few minutes later saying @Name u need 2 read it again. So they would re-read it I guess and say "Oh you're right". He told like 15 people throughout the day to re-read his comment, and everyone would apologize and say he's right and some really sucked up. Everyone was confused except D-Will :P



Well, I didn't want to sound preachy, but I've seen some folk enjoying their opinions on CSR at the expense of the Carolina Panthers, which makes no sense to me. People really get heated over whether this player will remain, this player will get injured, and if this player will under-perform. All this and more I give to Coach Rivera. Those are HIS worries. We're coming up on the season, it's time to focus. We need to shift the debate from the Panthers to other teams, namely those who we play in 2012.

Personally, I believe our Panthers will win over 8 games. That's my expectation. We will not lose at home to the Saints, but we could lose in week 17 in New Orleans when we're resting our players. This is a BIG season, for EVERYONE. For Cam and Ron and Jon and Armanti Edwards and good God especially Armanti Edwards.

The talking fat faces do not have affection for the Carolina Panthers, because they're greatly wrong about the Carolina Panthers. We know who they are. Ya gotta root for your boys. It's that time. It's game time.



Well this was fun! Really, REALLY scatterbrained, but I enjoyed writing it. I hope you guys enjoyed reading. Feel free to critique this, to talk about expectations, or to talk about the season! I think I'll write up MY OWN expectations in a week. It would be a good piece to go back to when the season's started. :) Please! Lift your expectations!

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