Cam Goes HAM: Ranking the Cam Newton Aliases


I'm sure you all remember Cam Newton's unsuccessful effort to win the 2013 Madden Cover back in April which he ended up losing in the finals to WR Calvin Johnson. The lead up to the final weeks' vote included a homemade video put out by Newton in which he challenged Johnson to a game of Madden, link to the video is here. Though Newton never made an official announcement as to whether Johnson took him up on his offer, word through the grapevine is that they did finally play a game and Johnson won. I give Newton credit for laying down the challenge none the less, all in good fun of course.

During the introduction in the video Newton initially called himself 'Ace Boogie' but then went on list six more 'A.K.A's (also known as) upon which I made a mental note to revisit later on as some were new to me. I was reminded of this earlier today when I saw this post about Newton's 7 on 7 Madden team competing in the National Championships and his t-shirt reminded me of one of his AKA's. I had to Google the H.A.M acronym as well, which I have deciphered, after the jump...

So it turns out if my information is correct H.A.M. stands for "Heisman Hard as a". It was definitely not what I was expecting given its the name of a kids football team sponsored by Newton. I guess Newton can get away with it though, or should I say 'Ace Boogie' can get away with it?

So here's a quick run down on what I know about Cam Newton's alias':

Ace Boogie - Here's a recent post on Shutdown Corner on this self-assigned moniker but I think it misses the mark since I believe Newton has been calling himself this well before he came to the NFL. If you read in the comments someone suggests the name comes from a character in the 2002 movie Paid in Full,wiki link here.

Dinosaur - I saw where someone said this was a nickname given to Chris Bosh but otherwise I have no idea where this one came from. Does someone think he looks like a dinosaur as has been suggested of Bosh? I don't see it.

Super Cam - I nice play on words and one that truly fits his on-field persona. Though this one probably came up pre-NFL once he took the #1 for his jersey number it was an obvious one. One of my favorite pictures of a fan is the guy in the Superman costume who is ripping the front open to reveal his Cam Newton jersey underneath Superman style.

Killer Cam or just 'Killer' - An obvious reference that probably has no back story

Mr. Swag Man - I'm going to say this one is referring to 'swag' as in personalized garments or merchandise. I can think of a drug related term but can't imagine he would refer to that given how much he is working on improving his image.

Mr. Gold's H.A.M. Cam Newton - I'm not sure who Mr. Gold's is (maybe I'm not hearing it right) but the HAM part I defined above. Maybe its a reference to Gold's gym?

So take the poll to let us know your favorite and if you have any more detail on any of Newton's alias please chime in and provide a link if you have one.

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