Top 10 Excuses for Why Neither Andrew Luck or RGIII Will Break Cam Newton's Rookie Records

Jun 7, 2012; Charlotte, NC, USA Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton (1) throws a pass during organized training activities at the team's practice facility at Bank of America Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

So I clicked over to this post on listing the top 10 break out fantasy players for 2012 and right there at the top was not Andrew Luck but instead Robert Griffin III. I was a bit surprised because certainly the golden child Andrew Luck would outperform RGIII right out of the gate correct? Nope:

Rookies RG3, Richardson can be fantasy breakout stars -
Robert Griffin III, QB, Redskins: If you expect Griffin to duplicate Cam Newton and score close to 370 fantasy points as a rookie, well, you're going to be disappointed. With that said, I can see RG3 as a top 10 fantasy quarterback because of his combination of arm strength and skills as a runner. Draft him as a No. 2 fantasy quarterback with huge upside.

Wait! What? You mean to say RGIII won't shatter Newton's rookie records? Andrew Luck won't either? What are these people smoking? Come on you can't be cereal. After all Newton is inaccurate and can't read defenses... re-mem-berrrrrr?....Yes I'm being sarcastic without the sarcasm font.

Can you believe he's saying RGIII will be top 10 but not meet Newton's performance because of his arm strength and skills as a runner...which is exactly what they said about Newton but they certainly did't call him top 10 out of the gate. Hell he went undrafted in a large percentage of fantasy drafts. RGIII should thank Newton for that, actually he should bow down before the Ace Boogie likes he's praising the football gods.

So how in the world is RGIII's top 10 prediction predicated on arm strength and running skill? Lord knows the two players have been compared umpteen times since last January and RGIII was usually seen as the better prospect coming out of college. To paraphase most of the pundits...he is more accurate as a passer, more intelligent, played in more of pro style offense and reads defenses much better. Plus he's just as athletic. You know what, if Bo Jackson was more right about what I did for a living I think I would have to find a new career.

So I figure this pundit must have his reasons for feeling this way but it can't be that Cam is actually that good. I'm thinking they will have a few excuses in their back pocket for justifying their predictions of why Luck and RGIII will fall short of the 'Cam Bar' if you will.

So let's discuss the Top 10 Excuses for why Andrew Luck and RGIII will not surpass any of Cam Newton's rookie records, after the jump...

[extended drum roll]

Excuse #10: White boys can't jump over a pile for a TD

Excuse #9: Newton's Madden rating is higher than it should be (I didn't say they were good excuses)

Excuse #8: They have dumb team owners

Excuse #7: They lack an effective running game to give the offense balance

Excuse #6: They are pure pocket passers and won't look to scramble as much as Newton

Excuse #5: They run different offenses that don't stretch the field as much

Excuse #4: Their offensive lines are bad

Excuse #3: They run more conservative offenses and aren't as creative as Chud (Ouch that has to hurt Shanny!)

Excuse #2: Neither has Steve Smith to throw to

The #1 Excuse as for why neither Andrew Luck or RGIII will break any of Cam Newton's rookie records:

The Panthers had more talent on their roster in 2011 than either the Colts or Redskins will have in 2012.

This is the exact opposite of what they said prior to the 2011 season but that won't stop them from having selective memory. Yet this is the one excuse I agree with in a sense. The Panthers were not as bad of team as their record indicated in 2010. It was just the combined effect of key injuries, a bad offensive game plan and a lame duck coach.

Some of the other excuses do hold some water though. The Colts truly are devoid of talent on both sides of the ball. Luck will have some good pass catchers at WR and TE but no running game. The Redskins offensive line is still bad and who is he going to throw too besides the 'waiting to break out' Leonard Hankerson? I guess they are hoping Chris Cooley and Santana Moss have something left in the tank. But can they overcome Shanny's archaic offense?

And the Colts...well Mr. Luck does have a tough row to hoe there. The offensive line should still be pretty good and Reggie Wayne did stay. Otherwise I'm not sure what to make of HC Chuck Pagano and OC Bruce Arians. Here's a quick blurb that summarizes that arrangement:

In what could be the shortest retirement in history, Bruce Arians reportedly accepted an offer to be the Colts offensive coordinator just eight days after he left the Steelers.

The Steelers claim Arians retired, but Arians says he was not offered a contract for the 2012 season.

Arians was hired by new Colts coach Chuck Pagano, who was Baltimore's defensive coordinator last season. Pagano must have seen something he liked in Arians, despite the Ravens holding the Steelers to 27 points in two games.

While I do like the Steeler's offense the Colts hardly seem to have the personnel on their roster to run it right out of the gate. Those boys their work cut out for them.

So there you have it, the top 10 excuses why neither Andrew Luck or RGIII will break any of Cam Newton's rookie records but it's not because Newton is simply a better QB.

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