Ramblings and More Ramblings

So having been kicked out of the house because of my wife's baby shower, I find that I'm extremly bored. So I decide to hide in my garage and read up on some NFL news which always leads me to CSR and some questions start rumbling through my head. Here are a few of those thoughts.

Thought 1: Awhile back I started to think our backfield needed a new name as now there not Double Trouble because there's 4. JLA was mentioned since we have Super Cam but I think I found a name that stays a little closer to home. For 3 decades this group of men terrorived the National Wrestling Alliance and World Championship Wrestling. There leader a man from Charlotte, North Carolina. These men where known as The Four Horsemen. Cam of course is the Limosene riding, Jet Flying, Kiss Stealing, SOB, The Nature Boy Ric Flair. Will keep D-Will and J-Stew as a tag team and call them the Andersons, Ole and Arn and Tolbert shall be Tully Blanchard. Of course there was also J.J. Dillion as there manager so we will have to have Chud play that roll. So there you have it the Four Horsemen are back and all NFL teams had better be where. Whooooo!

Thought 2: So now I get to thinking about our roster. What are the weakness's and there strength's. The O-Line is almost always rated in the top10 as well as the RB's. Are Backup QB will be nothing like Cam so who takes over. D-Line is just an injury away from being like last years. LB's and S's are in pretty good shape just need clear cut starters. CB, we know where Gamble will play but what about everyone else. Can there be improvements, yes, do I dare try, why not.

O-Line: RG and RT are not are strongest area's and both could use an up grade. Hangartner is better as a rotational Guard then a full time starter. Otah just can't stay healthy, so maybe a move inside to RG might help extend his playing carrer as a Panther. A Free Agent option next year at Guard could be Bills Guard Andy Levitre. A solid all around player who's even better in run blocking then anyone on this roster. He can play every postion on the line, 4 different postion's due to injuries last year. Very Durable. At RT I'd like to give Bell another go at it to see if he is more then just a rotional player otherwise look to the draft next year. Free Agent pickup's like Miami's Jake Long or Texan's Duane Brown could be options but very unlikely so we should look to the draft for this postion.

RB: Nothing against any of are RB's but were just one injury away from losing a good portion of the offense. If the WR situation gets paned out and a clear 2,3, & 4 WR the drop off won't be so bad. I haven't seen Vaughan play enough to now if he could replace the production of any of the starters. Keeping Poole on the PS would help calm some of my fears. His college body of work that I have seen has put some faith that he could be better then Goodson. God forbid we had to go the Free Agent route this season. Cedric Beason has the skill but will want alot of money and the rest are unproven or to old and injury prone.

QB: DA now's the offense but Jimmy has a better arm. Neither are very mobile. Both QB's are rested and recovered from very bad seasons. DA has had plenty of time in the NFL to show if he has the makings of a NFL QB and so far has failed to impress. Jimmy has had 1 season to try his mettle as a QB, but he played for Jon. I don't give a crap I'm not coming back next year so who cares how you develop, Fox. Jimmy has more promise so I'll choose him for now althougth it tears my loyalties as a Beaver fan. Sorry DA.

D-Line: God please no one get injuried. An improved pass rush is needed but are run defense truely sucks. If Edwards can play a full season we might be alright otherwise we might have to see if Albert Haynesworth feels like playing this year. Really just kidding here. Hardy should be improved after a second season as a starter and rotating him with Alexander should keep him fresher. CJ will benifit from having Edwards and a improved Hardy around him. The other DT spot looks like a rotating door until the right person finds the door stop.

LB & S: With the off season additions and a healthy Beason and the drafting of Kuechly makes both unit's much improved. I hope Anderson can keep up that level of work he did last season. TD if healthy could rotate at both OLB spots otherwise depth is a little thin. Aquaman, I mean Martin, better step his game up or he could see alot of time on ST.

CB: Norman, Hogan, Butler or Cap. Norman has the size but Hogan is better in coverage. These 2 I see rotating at CB during Preseason and then the loser rotating during the season to keep both Gamble and the winner fresh. Butler is fighting for his roster spot and if he can beat Cap as the Nickel Corner then he'll still have a job otherwise TTFN. Cap looks safe for 1 more season if he losses his spot based on his play last season he deserves at least that.

K/P: Trade Mare please. Any taker's. Damn one more season of this dill hole. Nortman, I like what I see but the season will tell if he's any good or not. Playing in the Big 10 may help.

Final Thought: Would you or not? A drinking game I played in the Army, ask a question drink for yes don't for no. Well I desided to dust off this old game and now ask the question Would you trade this player on your favorite NFL for a player on a different team. Heres a 1 I came up with and why.

RB: Would I trade D-Will for Steven Jackson? Yes and heres why. 1. 7 straight 1000 yd seasons. 2. Has the benefit of size and strength, 6'2 236. 3. Has been a featured back his whole carrer so can carry a full work load if his tag partner is injuried. 4. I choose D-Will based on age and amount of injuries had and on his ablilty to carry a full workload. 5. J-Stew has the size and strength to suceed Jackson as a featrued back.

Thats it, brain empty, baby shower over, going to watch TV now. Okay well after I clean up after messy baby shower guests. Jerks.

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