Josh Norman: The Panthers Next Great Cornerback

I have compiled an assortment of Youtube videos and links that I found, that show the amazing promise that Josh Norman has. He has all the physical tools to be an elite cornerback, at 6'0 tall, 197 lbs he is a big, physical corner who can match up against the elite athletes in the NFL. Athletic and wiry strong, Norman is also a solid tackler and excellent leaper who catches the ball at the peak of his jump. He does not have elite speed in the 40 time, but as we have seen in the past, how fast you are in the gym running in shorts and a t-shirt, does not always translate to the field with your pads and your helmet on. Norman has solid speed and that combined with his size, fluidity and jumping ability give him the tools to cover almost any receiver.

This first video, a video of his career highlights, shows some of the skills and physical abilities this kid has. He has innate talent that can't be taught.

In the video he has a pick against a quality opponent in Clemson, a tackle against Noel Devine and West Virginia, which shows he can play against the big boys and excel. His most impressive move comes at the 44 sec mark in which Norman leaps and snatches the ball out of the air with acrobatic flair, fully extending himself for an epic pick. This is one of the most impressive interceptions I've seen in a college highlight. Although this is a highlight reel, it shows that he has great physical skills that are rarely seen. Norman fell to the fifth round because he came from a small school and he didnt have eyepopping interception numbers since his sophomore year ( when he had 8 picks) because no one would throw his direction.

This link, shows a PDF of his career statistics. In it you see his versatility, he had high tackling totals with 196 career tackles, 4 career blocked kicks, a school record 35 pbu, 13 career int, and four forced fumbles. The kid makes plays, and has a great work ethic too. In another video on youtube,he is shown working extra hours in the film room, studying tape, learning from his mistakes.

Norman will also come in with a bit of a chip on his shoulder, as he believes he was picked too late in the draft and he will work to prove all those other teams who passed him up how wrong they were. And I believe they were very wrong to pass Josh Norman up. If he played for a bigger school he would be a 2nd or 3rd round pick. He is a major steal for us and during the NFL Draft coverage, ESPN said as such.

He also wants to play for us, and seems to have a good head on his shoulders from this last video.

He is a Carolina guy, is former college teammates with Mike Tolbert, and is ready to show the world how good he really is.

He has already shown this quality in OTA's, competing with confidence against the great Steve Smith and could become the eventual starter this year. Pat Yasinkas from ESPN said as much in his video blogpost:

There is also a good article from the Charlotte Observer about him

In conclusion Josh Norman looks to be a major steal for us, and has all the potential to become our next great cornerback. He has talent, confidence, good measurables, and work ethic. I think he will be the starter by at least next year. What do you guys think. This is my first fan post I hope you guys like it. Go Panthers!!

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