Offensive Expectations

Hello Panther Nation!!! I'm back...I've graduated from ASU, and it's summer break for teachers....meaning I have a lot more time on my hands to devote to our Carolina Panthers!!! While it's been some time since I've posted an article (busy in school and finding a job) I've still been reading and researching and I have a lot to talk about! I'm going to try and put my thoughts in a couple monthly FanPosts for you guys to read on and respond to. To discuss our offense after the jump...

Newton is King

I think Mr. Hurney has done a terrific job of assembling a talented group of players the last couple years besides drafting Jimmy...and even he helped our franchise (Cam Newton) :) I think we have a great group of QBs, Newton is AMAZING! Anderson flourished in this offense in Cleveland, and even Jimmy can't screw up a 3rd string job.

Run Forrest...Run

Nobody can touch our running game with D-Will and J-Stew running the show! We have the addition of newly added Mike Tolbert who is a great run blocker and can break off the big run. With Newton at QB, we could line up those four in the backfield and run the wishbone in the NFL lol! That is the kind of talent we have at in the running game. Not to mention some of the other guys who will compete!

The Big Boys

I'm a former offensive lineman and a current offensive line I tend to know/watch linemen more than the average bear. Gross is our franchise LT, and I believe he still has 3-4 years left at being a dominating blindside blocker for Newton. Hangartner is one of the most underrated guards in the game, and is a great piece to block beside Kalil who happens to arguable the best center in the game! Amini Silatolu was an unpopular pick for a while and might still be. However, the man is a straight monster! He has much to learn coming in from Midwestern State, and there will be a huge learning curve, but our coaching staff is great at getting the best out of our players. If you watch the man's highlights at Midwestern State he is a man amongst boys with great technique and overwhelming power! I love the pick, we have to protect Cam Newton and he will do that! Now to Otah...I hate him! Okay, strong word there...he is a great player! A monster in the run game!!!! However, he is L-A-Z-Y!!! If he can't stay on the field then he is no good to us! I'm rooting for him to make our roster, but I want to see him on the field! We also have a great deal of depth on our line, especially if we get to keep Otah. Bell played great for an undrafted rookie...besides the false starts. I think the Campbell trade was great for both sides! I'm a huge Mike Goodson fan, but let's be honest J-Stew and D-Will blow him out of the water with talent...and Campbell gives up depth and a work horse for the practice field! We also have several versatile players who can switch positions in case of injuries which always kill us. So I believe we have several players to plug and chug in G. Williams, Lee Ziemba, Campbell, and Bell.

Strength Punishes...Speed Kills

Our wide-outs excite me! I think we have several who may go over 600 with Newton distributing the ball! Smith is...well when you say Steve Smith you've said enough. Brandon Lafell will probably be our #2 and he seems like he is our Moose 2.0! He comes up B-I-G when we need someone, and he is a ferocious blocker downfield! For the slots...we can play with teams in the slot this year...Gettis would murder teams in the slot with his size and speed! I expect him to have bigger numbers than Lafell, and he can bump outside to allow Smitty to move into the slot. Joe Adams is an explosive player! He has all the makings to be a Steve Smith 2.0, but I'm not going to go that far yet! Maybe I will...both drafted as return men in the middle rounds with blazing speed. Who knows what can happen with him! Kealoha Pilares is also dangerouos in the slot with his speed! We could screen teams to death with the speed we have on this receiving core! As an ASU grad I have an allegiance to AE...but even I know the man is done this year unless he has an amazing camp. For the other guys...I don't know much about them. I know Darvin Adams has chemistry with Newton, that may give him an edge on some other guys. Seyi is from the west coast which means Rivera loves him lol! However, both would be amazing backups to our other guys!

The Chudzinski Boys

Rivera and Chud have made it known that they love the TE position! They also have convinced me, I used to like big TEs who could block down the field and sit in that prototypical lineman stance. However, we have WR looking TEs in both Olsen and Barnidge. Olsen is a playmaker with speed and amazing hands! I like him more than any other TE in the league...yes I do know about Jimmy Graham and Gronk. I just love how Olsen wanted to go to Carolina, I don't care what anyone says I think the kid wants to be a Panther...and that goes a long way with me. I've also always been a Gary Barnidge fan! I think he is better than Shockey and this point in Shockey's career, and he is a poor man's Greg Olsen lol! I think he would have broke out years ago if it wasn't for John Fox...who has no idea what he is doing when it comes to young players! Barnidge will have a big season this year, MH and Rivera wouldn't have brought him back and let Shockey walk if they didn't have faith in him...and if Rivera has faith in a TE it's probably a sign. Hartsock is a blocker to put in in goal line situations, and rounds out who I think will make the roster at the TE position. Although I do like Ben Jorden out of ASU...but he may have already been cut lol. However, the boy can catch a football and find the sticks! I'm pulling for him!

I will have another post in the following days about our defense, but until then let me know what you think! And get excited about some Panthers football!!!!!!

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